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Ignorance is one of the diseases that afflicts our society more and more!
It is my bad habit, to think that the world in which I live is evolved as the group of minds inside my fence. And every time I find myself surprised, negatively certain, when looking out and things are not as I see them!
Speaking of tomorrow, new generations, new ways of doing, and future trends, always referring to the illuminated turn, it is difficult to realize that the truth is definitely different.
With great disappointment I learned what happened at the number dedicated to the LOVE of URBAN magazine, which I personally read assiduously.
THE LOVE IN 2017 ISSUE, the June issue, the LGBTQ Pride Month and, more generally, the love, provided a photo of a kiss between two men.
However, the editorial staff was forced to censor the photograph because one of the advertisers who, gently, said he did not want to side up his products with homosexual themes!
Surely the transport in the photo is so much, If they love them, blessed them. We have published much worse, I have written worse, but the mechanism is different: in publishing you are free to publish what you want, within a few palettes.
The photo in question, however, was pretty much inside the fence, the real rules are make by the CASH, or rather who spends money on your Magazine, to publish its products, who pays the editorials, anyone who wants Visibility on your magazine.
For this reason, editors sometimes have to compromise, all others who can publish everything they want and can do it with great effort. Freedom costs, needs to be sustained, cultivated and respected.
URBAN’s editorial in my opinion did, what any publisher with an industrial plan would do for the magazine’s life, at least from the economic point of view.
But we have to thank them and their advertiser because if the first was only a photograph of a kiss between two men, now has become the image of a pride that has fought for half a century to the most basic human rights, then so was born a ‘icon.
Not all evils come to harm!

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