I saw you on Tinder: just a couple of tips

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In recent years, we have seen to sprout like mushrooms, sites and applications for the dating.
Of course, these apps are used only by smartphones, created to bring together two soul mates …
But let’s order, the spasmodic search of the apple halves, not poisoned hopefully, taught by romantic movies, took us to a dimension where, being single means, or play and much, or desperately be looking of the other exactly half of our sky.
The sites are many, more applications, and now with the location is easy to find your “soul mate” close.
Starting with Meetic, surely one of the first sites to clear and institutionalize the concept of single looking for, we then Lovoo, Tinder not counting app with target only gender, as Grindr or Her.
Surely one of the most entertaining concept, is Adopt a Guy, where it is “finally the woman to command.” In this site, it is well established target for a shrewd millennials young woman, and not only.
Men are clustered according to well-defined characteristics, thus helping her to choose him and to put him in the cart, a real e-commerce of boys, who are provisions of gentle maidens. The offer is wide, departments, are filled with male ready to make happy the lucky girls.
Several departments and kinds, from the Mediterranean beauty, the tattooed or the inevitable Hipster, to help the sweet girl to choose the living entity with masculine features that in any manner desired.
Obviously, you have to try and try again, we have moved online and on the screen of our smartphone, unsustainable First dates, now deferred into a cognitive chat that it helps the selection of the chosen few, with which we share a sushi, a pizza or at least to you, the difficult choice of the place for the first date.
But now, actually Tinder how it works?
In the age of courtship 2.0, Tinder has changed the rules of what in the nineteenth century, it was possible to last several months, in which the psychological carnage on both sides was insured, where the unfortunate not lovers, they were forced to by the label an almost endless courtship dance.
Now things are definitely simpler and faster, the inhabitants of Tinder Network, about 50 million worldwide, with a simple “swipe” left or right decide the fate of the people close to them, giving a like or an nope, and if compatibility is bilateral starts all over … if you want to unbalance you can also give a super like, which will be communicated through a notification to her or him.
For many years, the trend Tinder goes crazy and obviously begin to emerge even sociological studies, on the most productive and least profiles. Obviously the winning profile is inclusive of beautiful pictures, good job, nice friends on instagram profile that you can connect, and finally beautiful interest on the facebook account that you can use to log in to the app.
You can choose a genre, or both, in this deeply democratic, is the most used app by women to open their marital horizons, we say it is a way as any to change your daily routine.
All these apps have the premium profile that offers more privacy and more.
Inevitable especially the top, are the disasters both from the point of view of the compilation of the profile, which in the chat. Wishing you can follow the theoretical and practical advice on Tinderadvisor, which will give the winning cards for the profile and perfect approach on this ultra cool chat dating.
Obviously, a good percentage of users, say that does not seek one half immediately, especially if we consider those who have already found a half.
It is not complicated to create a perfect profile, but you can work to improve performance and maximize the “entry into the market”.

A quick list of the works that best work on the profiles of the chat.

1) Pilot
2) Founder / Entrepreneur
3) Firefighter
4) Doctor
5) Speaker Radio / TV character
6) Teacher
7) Engineer
8) Model
9) Paramedic
10) University student
11) Lawyer
12) Personal Trainer
13) Financial Advisor
14) Policeman
15) Military


1) Physiotherapist
2) Interior Designer
3) Businesswoman
4) PR / Communication
5) Teacher
6) University student
7) Speech Therapist
8) Pharmacist
9) Social Media Manager
10) Model
11) Dental Hygienist
12) Nurse
13) Flight Attendant
14) Personal Trainer
15) Real Estate Agent

Ironically, some are not even particularly stereotyped. Do not despair if you are not in the list, or you can not put the work you do, or hit with good pictures, there are also several photographers level w.w. that will help you, paid of course, to create the perfect profiling.
Now you just have to try, choose your app and find your soul mate, if you want it ….

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