Sadiq Khan: the best value added to the London’s brand

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Sadiq Khan

London has chosen. Sadiq Khan is the new mayor.
What does this mean for London? All.
It means that London has decided that the bridges are better than the walls.
In terms of brand this choice will give in London an invaluable value forever in history, that of England, Europe and will be a lesson for all nations in the world.
In the darkest time of a religion, when everything seems to go crazy, Londoners, attacked by terrorist acts by Islamic groups only a few years ago, they said that intelligence is also able to choose between acting and reacting. A person of little sense reacts, an intelligent person acts.
The difference lies there.

React to the current situation would have meant turning her head, do not want to see the present, but look to the past and want to revive it, but it would be just a figment of the mind dictated by fear, because the past never returns. Well, actually nothing more past could be if not the Representative of the passed propsperity as is Zac Goldsmith, son of billionaire Sir James Goldsmith, great-grandson of the seventh Marquess of Londonderry. In short, all the old power of the great British Empire conveyed in a Tory.
This Sadiq Khan is instead the son of Pakistani immigrant parents, is Muslim, and his career has been as a lawyer in the field of labor law, discrimination, judicial reviews, surveys and crime.

In short, in the polls they voted for two people who could not be more distant, both as regards their past, both as regards also the future they see for London and for England, first of all the case Brexit, in which Goldsmith is clearly in favor of the exit and Khan is in favor of the permanence.
Done this note, it must be said that London has scored a point in his favor of invaluable value, because it acts as a reference point for the whole world. In fact you have to understand that in the coming years, all eyes will be on London to see how it goes this story, the tale of the son of immigrants who becomes mayor of the largest city and most important in Europe.
Everyone will want to see how will be the international dynamics when at the head of London there is a Muslim in a time when everyone is looking Muslims with suspicion.

In addition, clearly remains the Brexit event that will bring its baggage of attention on the city.
London had two choices, hide under the mother’s skirt or exit the open, face the future with all the dangers that entails, get in the front row and see what happens, expecting the best as well as the worst, but always conscious that this is the ‘only way to grow and improve, which in a nutshell means to be a leader.
Here, London having chosen a Pakistani Muslim instead of a rich British, it told to the world that the leader is not one who commands, but the leader is the entire city of London, in the political choices for the future of the world and assuming this great responsibility it also assumed its value.

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