Rihanna: the most marketable celeb of ’16 in America

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If only Rihanna would try to sell you a Jeep, probably you will have bought it

For two of the brightest stars of the moment, 2016 will be a year of potentially more profitable!
It was drawn up “A” list, where brands can find the best testimonial, at least as regards the American market. It was NPD Group to release this top list. 2016, then, for the ladies by irrepressible Sexappeal will be, at least potentially, a year marked by advertising, covers and so forth.
The Celeb most influential on his followers and fans is Rihanna, Beyoncé is immediately there.
In 2015 Rihanna has unleashed her curves, as the face of Dior and as Head Designer and of course testimonial for Puma, for a line of classic taste of Puma, but with a big squeeze of punk eye and under the sun of the southern states.
This study by NPD Group based on a survey of BrandLink was done on a sample of 1,000 celeb, and 2500 brands. Among the rising stars of the music are MIA, underground rapper made in UK. She is one of the top influencers in recent years, she mixes different styles, from hip hop to reggae, dancehall, to electronics, to funk and reggaeton. Its name means in detail, Miss In Acton, (or rather in action) from the military jargon for, obviously, define a soldier lost in action, with Acton which is the name of a suburb English instead of “action”.
Scores that were assigned to the various Celeb, are a function of the brands for which the star would be of great commercial vehicle. All those on the list have their own name, are those that overall have a fan base of 10m people minimum, and have taken a very strong influence on this number.
From music, to sport, through TV and Cinema are many stars that appear on the list, such as Angelina Jolie, Tim McGraw, Coldplay and Stephen Curry.
Summing up, according BrandLink, and by coming to terms among all brands, for example, fans of Rihanna have an inclination towards the automotive world, mainly to the Jeep brand.
Summing up the factors that we have been provided, to you fans of Rihanna, if only she would try to sell you a Jeep, probably you will have bought it.
We are hoping at this point to see her in her next video, super hot driving a Wrangler Unlimited. Only then we will then sales results in the months following the exit of video. Certain to find the soaring of Sales.

Here the detail of NPD Group, with the Top10.

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