Right to be forgotten on internet: you can request it to Google

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Photo credits: Frédéric Poirot

We are all here in this era of likes and followers trying to show us as much as possible, maybe always super happy, on any type of social network.

We all partecipate the race to be the first result or at least appear on the first page of the Google rank and when we look for our name on the search engine (let’s face it we all did it), if we show our image first we are very proud of it.

Well, however, there is still someone who has not social networks and to appear on Google just don’t want to know, for no particular reason, it’s just that to him/her this thing of socialization in the manner of internet does not like.

Or he/she did something in the past, nothing tragic or against the law, we hope, which wants to remove, because perhaps it no longer represents him as a person, or is looking for work and wants let come up a clean image on internet, or we can imagine some managers or politicians who wants to remove photos that do not portray him/her, we could say, “in attitudes consonant with the public role”, well, just ask Google to remove the undesirable things, which, following the principle of the right to oblivion, will satisfy you.

Clearly Google will try to maintain a balance between the request for oblivion and the need to give information to its users, so we suppose that only texts, images and videos that don’t represent news reports or cases of social relevance can be deleted, but if you want to try to ask personally, there is nothing easier, you find at this link the form to fill out, which if you want you can also delegate its compilation to a lawyer.

Now, if you were afflicted because something that you didn’t want was appeared online, you are finally aware of the only useful tool to remove it.

Have good day mischievous;)

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