Rick Owens Fall/Winter 2017 | a fairy tale

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As always, the show by Rick Owens is somewhere between the presentation of the collection and an installation, always oscillates between dynamic art experience, and an overview of what is the world of Rick, a visionary designer who with its volumes have changed the way we see the facilities and the form itself.
From suits in technical materials until the knitwear everything is proposed, as always, in basic shades, never too flashy, a balance that only he and his addicted, lovers and users can understand.
Many people think that his presentations have a touch of do not understandable, unlike in this case does not merely have the new pieces that make the collection, but it presents the brand, not just the mood of the collection, but the mentality a new form that brings so much to the future.
Future definitely suit with less frills and more conscience of what you wear, from the point of view that the concept of matter-form.
As always, Rick Owens inspires and affects, creating at each new presentation of worshipers file.

  • Rick-Owens_MATT_1
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_2
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_3
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_4
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_5
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_6
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_7
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_8
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_9
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_10
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_11
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_12
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_13
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_14
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_15
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_16
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_17
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_18
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_19
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_20
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_21
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_22
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_23
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_24
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_25
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_26
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_27
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_28
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_29
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_30
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_31
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_32
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_33
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_34
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_35
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_36
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_37
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_38
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_39
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_40
  • Rick-Owens_MATT_41

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