RGB Series | visual story on love, youth, sexuality and the curated social image

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by Daveion Thompson


RGB from Daveion Thompson on Vimeo.

RGB is a series of visual stories exploring love, youth, sexuality and the curated social image. RGB was conceived as a personal response to artificiality in our curated online and social media presences. The series is intended to explore the relationships in today’s self obsessed society through youth, growth, and maturation.

Chapter 1: Rogue focuses on intimate connections, passion, and the physical touch. It also utilizes the color red as a device to drive the mood and reinforce the intent of the piece.

Chapter 2: Vert

Chapter 3: Blue

Starring: Dakota Higgins, Katie Hill, Agnius Piktys, Andre Dongieux, Brice James, Nikolas Schitz, Antonio Aiello, Ruby McGinn, Carly Goldstein, Jaclyn Arellano


Creative Direction, Director of Photography, Art Direction, and final edit by Daveion Thompson

Art Direction Assistance and Production Assistance by Jonathan Colin

Voice Over by Félise de Conflans

Featuring Music by Froyo Ma

Starring Dakota Higgins and Katie Hill

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