Reinventer Paris: competition for innovative urban projects

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reinventer paris

Paris has a problem with its suburbs for a long time and after the terrorist attacks, the climate is certainly not improved, but as the Parisian motto says, that exists in the city since the three hundred, “Fluctuat nec mergitur” namely, Paris “sways but does not sink “.
For it is from the suburbs that Paris wants to start with a large project, in fact, projects are well 23.
Reinventer Paris it is indeed an architectural competition which has just announced the winners and which provided 23 sites to be reassessed in the Parisian suburbs, for which arrived well 360 proposals.

sous station voltaire

sous station voltaire

Clearly the missive for the selection of projects asked to deal the central themes of architecture today, for which they required architectural proposals that take account of ecological respect, trying to realize buildings zero carbon emissions, use of recycled materials and thinking about to different kinds of production of the necessary energy.
According to Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of urban planning, however, the ecological is not the only challenge for today’s architecture of Paris, in fact, the themes to keep in mind also involving the Co-Working, understood as building of adaptable and intelligent buildings, capable of supporting the rapid changes in lifestyles which take place in the city, spaces that can accommodate shared showrooms, shops and various incubators.

Hanne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, and Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris, during presentation of Reinventer Paris.

Innovation must also starts from the revaluation of the places that, already also in other cities of the world, have shown themselves as a cultural and architectural innovation engine of city life, namely the basements, attics, unused big rooms of the old buildings of the metropolis suburban borough, now become the real cultural attraction, trend that sees its origins in the New York oof the 90s and which is still finishing to go around the world.
This trend comes in Paris in a new dress, where recovery is just one of the possibilities for re-evaluation and where the technology of energies and materials plays an aesthetic and functional role all-new, combining post-industrial with high-tech.

paris rive gauche site

paris rive gauche site

Here you can see the roundup of selected projects and the sites where they will be realized.

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