R.I.P. Zaha Hadid Architect, Woman & Visionary

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Zaha Hadid:
Not left us only a woman, she has changed the rules in a world made by men, she subverted the laws of physics, has won all the winnable in Architecture, the Pritzker in 2004, the Stirling and the gold medal of Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), a heart attack did quench her light.
Soft curves, full of white light, rich in her works, of an ancient and ultra earthly iconography.
Had recently completed the MAXXI in Rome, City Life in Milan, the London Olimpic Aquatic Centre, being completed also in Milan “Lo Storto” or better “Hadid Tower” over the next year. In the early hours of today has left us, a bolt from the blue, to be honest, unexpected grief, the future will certainly be different without her. A future, that of Hadid who had already described to us, designed and built through of her work.
I had already written about her as Woman of Architecture, which had changed everything, she an iconic as the name and the shapes of those alien sculptures built with almost normal materials.
Speaking selfishly by those who have always lived by observer and user of her works, 65 years of life, and not too much less career, they seem few, for one of the very few minds that managed each time to leave us breathless, creating places and not places, customizable just by watching them.

R.I.P Zaha Hadid

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