The Queen of Italian Reggae: Mama Marjas, under the sun of Puglia

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– Mama Marjas –
A new album, a new single and the desire to change and experiment with music: this is Mama Marjas the “queen of reggae music”.
“I grew up in a family of musicians, I was playing with my family at weddings. My father was the first passed me the desire to renew to get involved always , and grow more and more. ”
Smiling tells her father that changed the repertoire every year with new songs from Festivalbar or Sanremo. “I think the people who follow me love just that – more – they appreciate me, the fact that I’m never banal that I never lull on the results obtained.”
Dad is from Santeramo in Colle, Mom was born in Taranto, the South is her home and also feels in her CD where fray, English, Spanish and Tarantino with easiness.
Her latest single “Mare” is the cover of “If you can get out one Sunday with me” by Gianni Morandi. “It ‘was an accident – he says – I was preparing the new album and Massimo Minato sent me this record with the riddim I could choose. I heard the rhythm and I just started humming “If you go out one Sunday with me.” I had no intention to do a cover, or plan to take a song by Gianni Morandi to make a Hit.



This proof that the beautiful music is the music that comes from Africa, from soul. Italian music of the ’60s and’ 70s it was music that had its roots in the American soul and rhythm and blues, which in turn had its roots in African music, the “negritude” is always with us. ”
About Negritude, in “Mama”, her new album, stands “Mai” a piece in which she sings: “Never, I will not leave ever, I did not forget ever but ever my land, not leaving ever, here I will stay here, time does not move me here, I was born here. ” “Mai”was the key to Mama, she explains, because at a certain point I met the blues from Mali and there I understood everything.”
Has said she very passionate about the music carried by black slaves, who sang as they worked, transforming pain into music. “In Mai, there’s all my determination to continue to fight here, to stay here and not leave.
Because it does not seem right that one should transfer to Milan to be a singer. It’s hard because lately it is so, with Love University Records, we are here and we are increasingly determined to think that we will never abandon the South. ”
She concludes by saying, “if we left, we still believe in the potential of our land, the South would die. So in Milan I do not come and never leave my land. ”
The Love University Records is her independent label, founded by producer Don Ciccio, born Francesco Grassi. For Mama Marjas is the label of dreams. “A small label of which I am happy to join because it’s my stuff. Don Ciccio is a person with whom I have a sincere relationship “, and in fact seems almost an extended family. Maria lives in the same building of her producer, even on the same floor, in short, live in symbiosis, “it is no coincidence that it’s called Love University, we have a very emotional approach to music and to make music,” says Mama Marjas.
An engaging relationship compared to of the recording industry, against which has many reservations: “Now the music is a product in a market, just find a girl with a beautiful voice, dress her well, and make up her in a certain way, to sing to her a trendy song and have the product ready for a specific target age. I never would get to live such a situation.

mama marjas

mama marjas

I prefer to climb steps also beautiful high to get up, like those of houses Santeramo in Colle, where I was born, “Mama Marjas precise.
The mission of Love University Records is to produce artists to respect its identity: “I and Ciccio – repeat – we can give a hand technically, but then part of you singer the will to make an album like this or like that. Infatti stam ancora a cussì, stam chin d’velen!. ” (Infact we are still so, We are still full of poison).
For Maria la Love University Records it remains “the label of the opportunities in the South,” but the queen of reggae is also very critical of Southern Italy of Taranto and its people. “Remain” also has its cons.
In “Poco Poco”, for example, Mama Marjas wanted to photograph the city “because Taranto, for those who see us from the outside and for residents is just Ilva. And that is precisely what the situation does not change, because change does not come from the population. The people here are already resigned to Taranto will always remain so, and nothing will ever change.
Is hard – continued – because they fail to understand the much and the bit: it takes no time and I’m fine in Taranto, I just eat the mussels or take a walk by the sea. Taranto is a city where you live with bit, because they were left with bit, but I would like to communicate that is the attitude that counts. Counts do things consciously, not because they all live or act that way. ”
With consciousness she has decided to remain and to be one of the symbols of rebirth of a city that wants to return from there to the old vocations, like music. Maria is accustomed to choices, like the one made four years ago, when she decided to be an integral part of the concert on May 1 in Taranto rather than continue to use the important showcase of the First of May in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome.
So the little girl with dreadlocks has grown, it is about to turn 30 years and said to have more desire to devote themselves to several different themes and genres. Among her future projects, in addition to reggae, there are many experiments such as “Carmen” by Bizet, who has already starred in the leading role according to the Piazza Vittorio Orchestra at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome. “We’re excited at the Teatro Olimpico, playing with 30 elements and above all in our own way to interpret a melody as the Habanera”.
For the future, therefore, no doubt, “I’m going to continue to experiment, to play with music, I might even change my name and face, so Take care behind.”

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