Pulitzer in 2017: the triumph of the Ny Times and journalistic consortium on Panama Papers

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The Oscars of journalism goes to New York Times into three categories, the Washington Post defended with an award about a special section devoted to the new president of the United States, the consortium International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (of which part of the Italian Espresso) goes to sign for the job done on Panama Papers.
Came to the 101st edition, the Pulitzer Prize annually compiles its report cards in 21 categories which include literature, music, photography and cartoons. Protagonist in 2017 edition is the newspaper of the Big Apple who takes home the award for best international reporting (dedicated to the “deep state” Russian), best special report (an article on the memoirs of a veteran from Afghanistan) and best photos of ‘breaking news (those of Daniel Beherulak on fighting drug traffickers led by Philippine President Duerte).
The success of the New York Times, however, was preceded by a huge gaffe, which has become customary after the exchange of envelopes on the night of the movie figurines and the controversy over the failure to collect the Nobel Prize for literature intended to Bob Dylan.
In the edition of April 10, in fact, it was published in the newspaper an advertisement titled “How does it feel to get a Pulitzer Prize? Ask The Times’s recently announced 2017 winners yourself”: shame that the prize had not been assigned, but evidently had already arrived some draft from Columbia University, organizer of the ceremony. In fact, half an hour before the ceremony the Ny Times was live on Facebook with the three winners of the Pulitzer reporters.
The international group of newspapers (ICIJ), which also includes the weekly L’Espresso, won the award for the investigation on Panama Papers, journalistic work, which exposed a network of offshore companies and tax havens that welcomed rivers of money from around the world. Ben eleven million file cards in large part from the study Mossack Fonseca, were sieved by 400 journalists from 100 newspapers from 80 countries, after confidential information was transmitted to the German Suddeutsche Zeitung.
The best press report of Internal Affairs was won by Washingon Post about an investigation into the charitable foundation of Donald Trump while ProPublica has been awarded the recognition of “public service” for having shed light on the New York police abuses in the execution evictions.The African-American writer Colson Whitehead has triumphed in the category “literature” with the “Underground Railroad” novel, a science fiction story about the struggle and the escape of slaves from their masters. The Pulitzer about theater went to drama “Sweat” dedicated to the battles of the working class. Finally, prison uprisings subject of the essay “Blood in the Water” by Heather Ann Thompson won the award for best historical work.

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