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From the latex to the scent, the step is actually brief. From sex to sexy.
That sex that leaves you a sexy smile on face and a good taste in your mouth.
The Hard Core trend that has characterized the stigmatizations and the concepts of the brands that we have wore, desired, of the newspapers that we have read and the food we ate, it is consumed or rather it is closed in the private rooms, he is no longer exhibited, but made glimpse.
That brings us to today with a feeble base note of a perfume sensually persistent, feeling velvety strings between the hands, that slight but continuous desire of the forbidden, the Soft Core flowing through the pages of the new look books, the pages of all fashion magazines and jumps from one post to another in the personal blogs, talking so fashionable but also of design and temptation par excellence, the food.
The super hot outfit, structured and shiny have grown and are covered with a sophisticated eroticism, that game looks that breathtaking.
Sentiment this, hiding behind of black lace masks, exalted by red lips, in a private existence of a Brooklyn club,we are in a very hot video of Beyonce or Yonce the better it is “all Yonce On His mouth like liquor” from vent to that very private egocentric-sensual feeling that is featured on the super social profiles of all.
One of the most successful examples of business that are not silent an extreme eroticism, which is always private and never exhibited, nay surrounded by opulent austerity and enervating sexy is the trilogy of books 50 shades of gray, which has replicated the success at the box office.
A sophistication reminiscent with no embarrassment the early promotions of Tom Ford for Gucci, the same Tom Ford who succumbed long ago to a much more sophisticated eroticism, that of not said.
We arrive to NYC where the eros and clearance of the extreme narcissism, resulting from fast social and the overexposure of the individual on almost infinite channels , found the sophisticated pages of 25 Magazine, where the absolute Vanity and the more intimate Eroticism, always public obviously, finds thanks to Anja Rubik, the art form through the pages of a magazine that speaks only about him, in the form of golden idol, loved, hated and lived by generations of people who have done of the eros, of the narcissism and of the passion a “passion”, always dressed and photographed by the best.
Concrete experiment of social eroticism that has fetishized himself through the performance of a never waning desire to express themselves. That vibration always present, which leads us to Madrid at the table of David Muñoz, 3 Michelin stars,on the chairs of the Diverxo. DM pushes us to the intimate edge between madness and pure eros, fusion cuisine the its, limiting definition, pointing to upset the palate and push the mind to travel with the flavor, all with a tasting, a grunge chef who takes us on a intimate dimension where only we can get in, or with the yoga, or thanks to him.
If you have 10 minutes and 46 seconds, we recommend viewing the video presentation of the concept, which perhaps will make you understand the experience of a meal prepared by D.
Trend, culture or rather faint inkling that of the SoftCore that owes its success to the prohibition, which emphasizes the contrast of a life lived in the street, at school, at work or at the gym, and intimate shots increasingly independently published, in the name of that narcissistic vein and self-proclamation that the vain human being is condemned to have and to be on this gently slave.
The offer is learning from the demand, as it’s right be, as we were able to ascertain through a so pushing private selfie campaign for Calvin Klein with myCalvin, where were the users of CK to do the advertising campaign through a hashtag, that shows the best of them in Polaroid format. Slight dizzines, whim, fop personal expression, can be interpreted in different ways, but the delusions of the leadership of a consumer-dictator has finally brought the brand to take the shape of its user.
Born and moving in a personal and intimate dimension, based on the inclinations of the consumer. This vector of branding is well structured inasmuch the market players provide a product, which evolves and is perceived differently by all who interface with it, arousing feelings of addition and of necessity, pleasant and erotic also in dissatisfaction.

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