from PRADAXPRADA Surrealism to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: a new Prada point of view

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had been released a few days ago the video presentation of the new fragrance Prada campaign PRADAXPRADA. A surreal mix that includes luxurious details, and well that video was the presentation of a reality that the Milan company there was presenting. All in VR, the challenge consists of various steps in the space of which Dali could easily be the designer, an infinite space and ideal in order to find the two new fragrances of the brand.
Throughout the year, Miuccia and her entourage have accustomed us to a different communications from their canonical image, and one that usually are used to seeing.
The image of Prada in 2016 who has influenced and will influence the communication of all. Starting with the one Prada, the central brand, with commercial images where the models were off the scene, in blank space, all very surreal.
Likewise the Communication by Miu miu was affected, like that of Prad Foundation which is the big bet of the brand, which today, December 21, 2016, presented to the public “The Observatory” a new exhibition space on Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan always branded Prada Foundation.
An insurance already quality in artistic research but also to the construction of space, basically the fifth and sixth floors of the Prada gallery store, not only space from which you can admire the works on display but also the top of one of the most beautiful galleries in the Bel Paese, them next to the cupola, a iberty vision for, one of the research brand, in absolute. The first exhibition, which ends in March of 2017 is titled “Give Me Yesterday”, the route includes the work of 14 Italian and international authors.(Melanie Bonajo, Kenta Cobayashi, Tomé Duarte, Irene Fenara, Lebohang Kganye, Vendula Knopova, Leigh Ledare, Wen Ling, Ryan McGinley, Izumi Miyazaki, Joanna Piotrowska, Greg Reynolds,Antonio Rovaldi, Maurice van Es), The project explores the use of photography as a personal diary in a time span ranging from the beginning of the twenty-first century to the present, everything is organized as a continuous stream of images.
Speaking of space, all these elements are put back inside the VR presented for the launch of the fragrances, the foundation spaces are recognizable as with golden walls of the tallest element in Milan Foundation, the one designed by Koolhaas, for many a white elephant, but we all know that it is only the first golden stone for the revaluation of this area, where before only the underground club had courage to lean here.

The App is called PRADAXPRADA, you can download it from the AppStore and GoogleStore. Have a fun.

here the Prada foundation web site

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