If you plan well, you cook well: A gipsy in the kitchen

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Louisa May Alcott once wrote: ““It takes two flints to make a fire.”. The author of Little Women, of course, was referring to the couple’s relationship.
Sometimes there are talents that just can not find their place in the world, then find their half and not only the love seat, but still manage to find their space. The talents come together, compensate and comes something beautiful.
Working together, share a project is something that happens especially among bloggers. It shares an idea and put it into practice at home. It happened to Alex and Mimi Ikonn that left her job at the bank, have focused first on the extension line of Mimi and her sister Lela, opening a tutorial YouTube channel and then they started to travel and show their lifetime. Today they have released two YouTube channels, a calendar, a daily production timetable, a book and a Baby. In addition of course the empire of clip extension.
A little ‘more fashionable and fired into the high fashion are Sona Gasparian and her husband, as a good consort prince, accompanies his wife at fashion shows and events, helping in the filming of her “vlog”.

A Gipsy in the Kitchen

A Gipsy in the Kitchen

Still overseas but very Italian are ClioMakeUp, aka Clio Zammatteo and her husband Claudio Midolo that, by now, have become all the couple who lives next door. Beautiful, funny and true. By tutorial tricks to travel around the world, with them you always end up eating.
About coming to the table. The couples between food bloggers are certainly not few. A particularly tasty case are the Gnam box. Deeply in love, each other and above all good food. Are two pretty boys, à la page, very cunning in the kitchen, but hardly respond to the email.
My favorite couple in the kitchen is very folk! They are called A gipsy in the kitchen. Their looks like a sweet love, enriched by Brie a wonderful dog. Through their recipes and their pictures convey a feeling of warmth, comfort, wool sweaters, soups, tea and delicious cakes. A few days ago, on Instagram, Alice posted a photo writing: “When you are happy it is hard to write because everything seems clear, and finally the words found their way into smiles. To get there though, how much effort. How sad too. I remember crying spells, sitting on the floor alone on the floor of a house that basically was never mine. I remember one time when the housekeeper was in the room frightened by my sobs. Memory of a broken and contrite heart, and no one to tell them: it will settle everything. I remember the prayers on the night he was just hoping that this emptiness inside disappeared as he had come: silent as snow, sneaky like the heat. I was the mother of parents too preoccupied with their war, when in fact I just wanted to be a daughter. I was silent lover when in fact I wanted to shout to the world the strength of my emotions. I was fat, and I hated myself. I was too skinny and I hated myself. I lost friends, I played the victim. I’ve traveled so much to lose myself. But I found myself when I decided that the order had to be in my life it’s my gypsy and then Brie and the life I wanted. And two of them are my strength and my support, what more can will exist real and what is called serenity. This morning I woke up and I looked at the house so wonderfully Christmas as I have always dreamed about when I was dreaming of family and love. I celebrated with these Swedish pancakes. Because when you are happy you have to pay any attention”. Often people say: “If you plan well, cook well”, so I decided it was worth interview her.

Alice, how did the idea of gypsy kitchen?
It stems from our curiosity and our great goodies. Combined these two elements have created two travelers greedy. Who just returned from trips translate memories in recipes.

How did you meet and how did your collaboration?
We met by chance one evening nearly four years ago, while my Gitano was working in a restaurant, I was there to celebrate a friend. It was love at first sight and we never left. From there the need to work together to translate our passions in daily life but above all to enjoy the time together with one another all day every day.
How challenging work and collaborate with your partner?
It is a great lust in reality. Of course we discuss, but then it is wonderful to see that the fruit of our work is special and above all we can leave something tangible to our children.

Once finished the job, managed to leave everything outside the door?
Basically everything is working for us because everything is a great inspiration.

Your recipes, your dishes are beautiful, but you guys do like to eat together?
Sat huddled on the couch, ordering sushi and Chinese as we watch Netflix.

The typical gypsy dinner is… by candlelight – are very Scandinavian in this – with velvety or risotto or hot creams.

You travel a lot discover the colors and flavors. Your favorite place?
Together in the world is our favorite place.

Unfounded, as Julia Child said: “after a day when nothing is sure, and when I say nothing I mean nothing, one comes home and know with certainty that adding egg yolks to chocolate, sugar and milk the mixture thickens it is such a comfort! ”

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