Pier55 NYC: not only means, city park

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Like architecture will change the face? The examples are many, dallecolore glass mirror, until the white organic shapes of a mind that has left us too early which was Hadid, trademark, and safety in terms of shapes and qualities.
Increasingly, nature is recovering the city, its coastline and its skies, shapes inspired her, full of green, begin again to characterize our spaces, urban and private, a sort of architectural revolution, made the architects’ way , meaning: we do it then you will live …
Trees and plants coming out from the concrete, iconic trend, full of symbolism.
More and more canonical forms abandon the projects of simple pedestrian bridges or piers.
Like the Pier55 in Lowe East Side of Manhattan, an authentic European style garden, hanging on concrete pylons, of course on the water.
The project is of Heatherwick Studio and architect Mathews Nielsen, it is a happy and comfortable Green Island to while watching one of the most beautiful cities in the world, NY, on the one hand and on the other side the skyline of New Jersey. The cost of the project should be somewhere around the cost of a small skyscraper, we are close to USD 130 million. This little slice of rolling countryside, would give way to a walk and a square, all in a not very small building 2.7 acres between piers 54 and 56. The beginning of the works is scheduled for the end of ’16 .
Same basis, but the skyline is different, we are on the Thames, the river that cuts through London. The garden deck is the stretched architectural firm, a public space that will give a calm river crossing to those Londoners who have a little ‘more time to cross the main street of the city. A fresh and safe place to have lunch in the woods right on the water. Scent of an iconic Art Deco, the shapes and the use of life as the ultimate exercise in style and decoration, take us back to a beginning of the last century, where, however, the light gray cement, now is the master, and it is merely the proud base of plants which this time are alive and defying time.
From NYC to London, via Shanghai and Milan big cities increasingly are reopening their doors to the green, modifying their urban fabric in favor of something more original.

Here the site of Architectural studio

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