Piano City Milano 2016: a weekend full of emotions

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Piano City Milano 2016:

Milan, the undisputed capital of Italian style, will host during the weekend between 20 and 22 May, a rich lineup of concerts throughout the city. 400 concerts provide entertainment for the city with the notes of the piano.
2 night marathons that will link seamlessly on Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday, which will culminate in two concerts at sunrise one on the city’s rooftops, those of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Highline and the second in the Formentano Park opposite the Palazzina Liberty.
The one that will play the first note, it will be Michael Nyman, internationally renowned composer at GAM, Gallery of Modern Art Via Palestro, one of the three main centers of the whole event.
The Piano Center, in the park of Villa Reale – open exceptionally for Piano City Milano in 2016 – during the weekend will alternate the concerts of the pond and in the garden with some of the great protagonists of the international concert scene as: Evan Lurie, Stefano Bollani and Francesco Grillo duo, Sasha Pushkin, Ji Liu, Ayse Deniz Gokcin, Jon Clearly and these are just some of the names in the program.
Other key points of the event, will be the BASE in Tortona area, which is the basement of the Ex Ansaldo converted, where among others, Yulianna Avedeeva, winner of the first prize at the International Chopin Competition in Warsaw in 2010, will play the Grand Coda n . 1 Heel, owned by the Foundation Music Youth, while Santeria Social Club, a ex dealership converted into a multipurpose space, a theater, a shop, a graphics laboratory, a classroom, a co-working and a great bar with kitchen, it will host the second night marathon.
Many will be during the Milanese weekend appointments to delight in the notes of a wonderful tool which, if not sponsored thanks to this kind of events, you would lose over time.
One of the aims of the project is definitely reconnect young people and the very young, to this instrument, source of amazement and emotion for those who listen and those who play it.
Instrument, the piano, which otherwise would lose fans because, like all legacies, needs time to study and to be heard.
This event and every single concert, certainly will create for those who will go to the shows, a strong time dilation and the feeling that the time, always too fast, that of all the days, slow down, giving the opportunity to enjoy such invisible beauty.

Here the site of the event and throughout the program.

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