Perth, Australia: the new El Dorado

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Perth Australia: the new El Dorado.

Here, on Mattlumine, we talk about brands, always and in every sector. In the travel section, you could not help but highlight the queen city of the southern hemisphere that is rising to prominence all around the world as the new metropolis of the most chic of the new world, which today substantially has become the Australia.
Saying Australia, maybe you have immediately thought at Sydney, but no, the new queen is Perth!
Perth fact is coming to the ear of everybody for one main reason, it is the city with the most millionaires per capita in the world, but not only, just like the legendary El Dorado, owes its wealth to the gold and, sympathetically, has even in common with El Dorado that it is very isolated, surrounded by thousands of kilometers of unspoiled nature, in fact it is also the most isolated city in the world (the nearest city is Adelaide which is at a distance of no less than 2104 km – about 1,307 miles).
State capital of Western Australia, has more than one million and eight hundred thousand inhabitants, out of just over two million occupying the entire state. Basically, of the whole of Western Australia, 90% of the inhabitants live in the capital Perth.
The area where now stands Perth has always been experienced by the natives Nyoongar and their ancestors, of which there are traces of even 40,000 years ago, but the city was only founded in 1829 as a colony on the Swan River and has had a slow expansion up to 90s of the nineteenth century when they were discovered important deposits of gold that gave big boost to the economy and to the development of the city. Today is the main pivot for mining exports to China.
Having said that we speak now of the brand Perth.
Let’s start by saying that Perth as the other cities and tourist areas of Australia enjoy important actions of branding and communications that are made directly by the Australian Tourism Office, thanks to very organized one-site management that promotes easily and fast all the best things to do and see in the various areas of Australia, conveying a brand image fresh, fun and very efficient at the same time. (
Resulting idea of a country that works, contemporary and with an image that they give of themselves also very, very cool.
The picture that comes out of Perth in particular is a mix that in the eyes of a European a bit ‘displaces, but also attracts much.
We could say that you feel the charm sophisticated and bohemian of the French Louisiana of early last century, kept in order by the rigorous style given by the Edwardian buildings, all updated by a sprinkling of commercial architecture in New England style, but with the hormone excited tipical of the new big city with its beautiful sparkling skyscrapers and its financial district. But if all this were not enough, Perth stands out even more thanks to the glaze that covers the whole city given by no other than reckless, young and carved culture surfer-dude.
Perth here! Beautiful and tanned, isolated and at the center of the world, rich and easy, fascinating and commercial.
The brand is still not very well known, the coat of arms of the city will not help much in this as indeed does not help almost never any city, resulting always very complicated and in the end all similar, because all made following the same pattern, from Italy to France, from England to Spain. In fact even the one of Perth has the heraldic characteristics low-medieval and Renaissance. The coat of arms traces the history of the city, starting from the city of Perth in Scotland, of which proposes the fleece, passing at the swans blacks, typical of the place, in fact even the river on which it stands is called Swan River and then there’s the ubiquitous cross of Saint.George that links instead to the mother England and to the queen in particular of who all Australians are deeply in love.
That said, surely most current logos will help more the disclosure of the name of the city, although if branding actions that were using the coat of arms would be something original, but much harder to push through to the general public, general public that will definitely attracted by this fantastic and active city, full of attractions both day and night, for both upper-class types that under-ground, even if are going in vogue more the seconds than the firsts even among the wealthy.
Among the events in this period, the concerts on November 28 of Sam Smith at the Perth Arena and on December 2 that of Ed Sheeran at the NIB Stadium.
Like all cities young people, the brand is not yet well known, but it has really a very strong appeal and it is something not seen before.
If in Perth is all a mixture of styles already present in other parts of the world, the way they have mixed, re-used, with this note maritime and very young that we breathe and that gives it a uniqueness that will surely jump it between the best city to visit in the coming years. Oh right, not only to visit, it is well suited for film and television that for the brand awareness and brand reputation means always godsend!

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