Paul Pogba: spotlight on sponsors and image rights

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Paul Pogba, French footballer, Juventus midfielder, born in ’93, is one of the fastest growing personal brand in today’s football.
In fact, just behind the various Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho, who although now playing in minor leagues always has a very strong appeal for the brands, he is growing the star of this young man with extraordinary talents.
Extraordinary gifts not only athletic and technical, which today have led the evaluation of his price tag to an amount that is around 100 million euro, but also from the point of view of the image.
In fact Paul Pogba is also very pleasant to the public and for this he is a great personal brand to bind to sell various products.

Paul has already reached 2.3 million followers on Instagram, very few if you put in despite with the 52.9 of Cristiano Ronaldo, but the boy is just beginning, either as a career and as Instagram account.
What make thinking good is that all the others football accounts already talking about Pogba, post photos of him, even branded and edited at will, they’ve already given nicknames and tied to him special “exultant dancing”. On Instagram and on the web in general is gone mad using the hashtag #Pogboom for his shots and #Pogbance for his exultation Dab-dance after scoring a goal.
Pogbance and Pogboom have become so viral that Adidas, sponsor of the new French champion, has created for its gem the boots that report written in the heel the two neologisms.

Behold, here we enter in a ambit slightly more technical, because the new contract of Paul with Adidas, which is spoken of about 2.5 million euro per year of cash consideration that the German company will pay to the Juventus midfielder, opens the doors to talk about of the image rights.In fact it is news of these days that the Paul’s manager, Mino Raiola, according to a report in the French newspaper L’Equipe, has reached an agreement with Oualid Tanazefti, former Paul’s councilor who follows him from the days when the young midfielder played in Le Havre.
The story about the image rights of Paul Pogba starts in 2014 when he signed a contract where he transfers his image rights to Tanazefti.
Due to this contract, the sale of Pogba from Juventus was difficult because the company that would wanted to buy him would have to spend another 10 million euro, in addition to the cost of the card, to be paid precisely to Tanazefti for the rights which he holds .

The news is that the Paul’s manager would pay the 10 million to Tanazefti to free the boy on the market and allow him also mentally more relaxed. These 10 million should be soon recovered right through the new sponsors contracts that the footballer is signing, one of which is precisaly the four-year to 2.5 million with Adidas.
But, these image rights that we often hear about in the world of sport and especially of football, how they work and why they are so often subject to negotiation?
The image rights regarding the proceeds from sponsors, and we hear about so much because since the late 80s onwards have had such a strong weight on revenues to be achieved and in some cases exceed the gains arising from the salaries received by the companies.
The disagreements arise between clubs and players about the management of those duties inasmuch the sponsorship is related to the personal image of the player, which often appears without the logo or the uniform of the club, but on the other hand the club believes, with good reason one might say, that this player receive requests for sponsorships because playing in a top club and it is the club that believed in him/her and has given to him/her the chance to become a star.

So who should manage these rights and receive compensation? That depends, there isn’t a rule and each club manages these relationships in its own way. For example, the Napoli of president De Laurentiis or Manchester United have as a rule the management of 100% of the image rights of the players by the club, while at the other extreme an example is that of Paris Saint German owned Qatar Investment Authority fund that leaves the 100% of the compensation of the image rights to the players.
In the middle between these two opposite there are hundreds of different cases. Some handle them according to what is called in the jargon the clause “Figo”, a name derived from the Portuguese footballer Luis Figo, that when he arrived at Real Madrid stipulated an agreement with the club for the management at the 50% of the rights, rule which it was also applied to Beckham.

Some use as a discrimination method for image rights the fact that the player appears in the sponsorship with or without uniform or club logo. Those where also appeared the club, the fees go only to the club, for those where appears only the player, the fees go only to the player.
These are major cases, but each contract can be different, especially today where often the badges of the most promising players are bought since the earliest age by investment funds, which made the financial game of football and of other sports much more complicated than before.
Having said that, and coming back to our Paul Pogba, the sponsorship with Adidas is already a viral hit on the web and his last name lends itself so well to word games that seems chosen by a marketing manager.

In recent months, all the fans were wondering if the young champion would have signed with Nike or Adidas, well, Adidas won. The branded boots for Paul are the Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl without laces. These boots, which mark another step in the history of sports equipment for football made by Adidas will be definitely a piece of history on par with the Predator Precision 2000, the first football boots to have the interchangeable cleats and to have international stars as lead characters . Paul will be tied to these boots in the minds of football lovers forever just as they are Zidane, Beckham and Del Piero for the Predator, which is fucking cool!!!

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