FCA Google: the partnership to build “Pacifica”

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It just come out a news that will create surely great shaking in the car market.
It has transpired that FCA and Google will work together in a FCA factory in Michigan to build the first commercial car that drives by itself.
It is a minivan named Pacifica.
Now, since Sergio Marchionne became leader of the Fiat group, then the FCA, the results have always been excellent and continues to improve for the whole group, this happened both from a financial point of view, both from the brand’s point of view. This is because they have worked in these two directions in parallel.

On the financial side they formed the new Fiat-Chrysler group, which together with all the brands that compose it, makes it much more stable regarding the market performances, on the other have created the joint venture with Crédit Agricole for the establishment of FCA Bank, that claiming debts, such as industrial ones or loans to customers, allows the group to operate more fluidly.
Since the brand’s point of view instead we definitely two quotes to do before the latter linked to the cooperation with Google.
The first was the fantastic branding work that they’ve done at World Wide level and above all in the US with 500, which for a certain number of months we have seen everywhere, from the premiere at the gala, from music videos up to the Pope that he used the 500L to move during his trip to the United States.

Then there’s the branding work done for the Maserati relaunch, that instead we see to be the principal brand of Polo tournaments, for super-cool art vernissage in California or Florida, a brand awareness began with video-spot for the launch of the Maserati Ghibli during the Super Bowl in 2014.
Well, today, just while they exit the data on trends, still phenomenal, of the Ferrari sales (which is not part of the FCA group, but he sees at its helm ever the duo Sergio Marchionne/Jhon Elkann), data that has never been so good throughout its history, scoring record after record, we are going to understand that perhaps the car’s future will be forced to move through the vicissitudes related to a minivan, that said in all honesty, is not the best of life.

also interesting for you: Auto–mobile, coming soon

Indeed, for not to disaffect the cars fans, in recent years the auto makers that have grappled with electric or hybrid ones have tried to make them as attractive as possible (except the Prius). We can see the Porsche 918 hybrid, BMW i8, Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 or Tesla Model S, but also across the Lexus hybrid department and the brand new hybrid range of Mercedes and BMW, they are all super powerful cars, with even better performance than the normal ones with only the combustion engine.

But with Pacifica, or with Apple Car, we are going even over, it is no longer an issue of perfomance, to have fun driving a car or not, because with the autonomous driving we do not do anything and therefore also the performance begins to interest us less, except for journey times, though, let’s face it, the power of the cars do not care us for an issue about to go faster from one place to another by at least forty years, but interest us for the pleasure of going fast, or at least that to have a snappy guide far enough to not get bored.

Said this, a car that drives by itself is still a car or is it just a means of conveyance? Well, the car is a means of conveyance and if we watch what is written in the dictionary there isn’t a word regarding a man that have to drive it, but only mentions that it is a means for the transport of people and things. Maybe so for the vocabulary, but for men was for years also a social symbol and a way to represent themselves in the bourgeois society.

Indeed, it may well see that cars are much better in those countries where the rate of importance on social appearance demands it.
That said, we will be ready to give up the car as a means of transport that allows a certain degree of fun, and we will get used to being just transported as we are on buses and subways? Maybe there will be the car to move from city to city, where we may still be masters of the street, but it is also true that in today’s metropolis we can already stop to mention driving because we are only ever lined up at a crawl and this is one of those crucial steps to turn Metropolis into Smart City, a bit ‘greener and a little’ less stressful.

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