Pablo is dead, but Narcos lives. Coming to the third and fourth season of the Netflix series

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They killed Pablo, but Narcos is alive. Wanting to quote the Italian songwriter Francesco De Gregori, We can summarize the arrival of the third season of the Netflix TV series that tells the story of the most important and powerful narcotracer of history, Pablo Escobar.
Narcos 3 does not yet have an official launch date on the streaming platform, but it is under construction and will be transmitted within the year. The TV series on Colombian drug cartels will also have a fourth season, as announced a few months ago.
The no spoiler part of the article ends here, those who have not succumbed to the charms of American docudrama on drug rivers between the US and South America, between the end of the 80s and the early 90s, it can conclude reading these lines so as not to ruin the growing suspense of each episode. Others can continue.
The last episode ended with the hunt for Pablo Escobar, it ended in blood on the roofs of his residence in hiding in Medellín. “Viva Colombia”, shouting to the heavens soldiers block search after killing him, engaged in a long and exhausting fight against the drug cartel headed by Escobar, that so many innocent victims left in the street. Alongside the national army there is the DEA, the American drug agency, with Steve Murphy, US cop who together with colleague Javier Peña fought Pablo’s empire without excluding shots, where good and bad are not well-defined boundaries because “are relative concepts in this story” as explains Steve narrator at the end of the first episode.
In the third season, Pablo leaves the scene and the plot moves on the rise of the Cali cartel led by brothers Gilberto and Miguel Rodríguez Orejuel.
The success of Narcos is due to the continuous interweaving between the plans of reality and fiction, among the images of the true Pablo riding the motorcycle with his hounds and the extraordinary Wagner Moura who plays Robin Wood Paisas, as he was called Escobar in Medellin because its built hospitals and schools in poor neighborhoods, he made donations to the poor. But behind apparent benevolence, there was a boundless power, a result of the corrupt complicity of policemen, lawyers, judges, journalists, politicians who had made Pablo the seventh richest man in the world with his $ 25 million, according to Ranked by Forbes in 1989.
“Plata o plomo”, money or lead, the threat posed in the first episode of the series to the attentive guards in uniform will become Narcos’s tormenton, which rests on the basis of its popularity also thanks to the Spanish language used by narcotrafficants, which the authors decided not to use the dubbing. So on youtube spopola the Spanish course on the TV series and the marketing rules have also created a video game about narcotics and the war with the police and the Los Pepes.
But the Patron Empire, killed on December 2, 1993, was not fiction, hundreds of thousands of drug market victims were not actors or figures. Narcos It is there to remind those who lived through those years and who is not, because “magic realism is timely and highly detailed story of a reality too absurd to be true. And there is a reason why magic realism was born in Colombia. ”

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