Orange is the new black 5: How long does it take to 9 June?

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What the hell is going on in Litchfield’s jail?
From the trailer of the fifth season of Orange is the new black, coming out on Netflix on June 9th, it seems that the detainees rebelled and took possession of the prison.
I’ll be honest, I can not wait. OITNB has become my favorite series and I felt much more serene when I discovered that thanks to Netflix, the misfortunes of Litchfield detainees are going to continue at least until 2019. Already because the last renewal of the contract extends to the seventh cycle of episodes. After all, this is one of the series that, more than all, has been the fortune of the largest on demand network in the world in more than 190 countries.
At the helm of the series will be as usual Jenji Kohan, the novelty will arrive in the tenth episode that marks the debut behind the camera grip actress Laura Prepon, Alex Vause interpreter.
There is a lot of waiting among fans, I’m not the only one to have anxiety, also because the end of the fourth season has left everyone stunned. And in fact, at the end of April when a group of hackers had been illegally seized of ten episodes in thirteen, then threatened to put them online just over a month after the official debut.
A threat came with an ad on Twitter with whom the Lord of the Wild, so he was called the hacker, demanded an unspecified cash reward in exchange for the bets. But do not worry, you can trust me, I’ve never spoiled anything. I will enjoy the new episodes with you from 9 June onwards. Hoping not to do a whole trick. Yes, because as he told in an interview to the SAG Awards, Danielle Brooks, of Taystee interpreter, the plot of the new series will take place in just three days.
The revolt broke out after the death of Poussey will degenerate rapidly when the detainees get the prison control. Once tasted the power, chaos will burst into Litchfield’s walls and go back will be really difficult.

The trailer, in fact, portrays a scene set in a prison in Litchfield where you see Daya, the prisoner played by Dascha Polanco, pointing a gun at the guard Thomas Humphrey, Michael Torpey, following the exasperation of those detained for violent behavior of the prison guards Against them culminating in Poussey’s killing. Death that I do not know for you, but for me it was a drama. I admit she was my favorite character and still I could not get back from mourning.
The various ethnic groups that had formed in the fourth season seem to be joining this time, taking control of Litchfield Prison, to finally turn against the privatization of prison administration.
The protest will expire by recalling the media’s attention to arrive in jail to interview detainees who have started self-serving and taking their lives in the way they want.
The plot of the series continues to be based on the autobiographical bestseller of Piper Kerman. A narration despite the fact that it came to the fifth season remains an important instrument of cultural comparison as well as an essential part of the zeitgeist, the mirror of an era that portrays all the discontent that the United States lives.
It is not strange to say that Orange Is The New Black is one of the most committed series of the last few years. In conclusion, it is almost to 9 June. At the bottom, as Regina Spektor sings in the inscription: “The sun is out, the day is new and everyone is waiting, waiting on you… and you’ve got time.”

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