The Okja Revolution: Can a movie change the world?

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There are movies that have educated and revolutionized the world, bringing an immediate change to the spectator. Okja’s will, the film written and directed by Bong Joon-ho and co-produced by Netflix and Plan B Entertainment, is just that.
Is the story of the friendship between a Korean girl named Mija and her clumsy and affectionate giant pig Okja. Indeed, it is the story of a meat-producing multinational, the Mirando Corporation, because it all started ten years ago before Mija and Okja’s misadventures began.
To bridge the shortage of food that wastes the Earth, Lucy Mirando, Mirando Corporation’s CEO, Tilda Swinton, has created a new super-pig in the lab with the aim of boosting meat production. To make it look more humane, while already producing and marketing the product at an industrial level, Mirando has entrusted some of its mega pigs to small breeders around the world who have been working for 10 years.
One of these pigs is Okja, who lives on the Korean mountains with the little Mija. For ten years the two lived symbiosically, until Mirando Corporation claimed what it was.
It turns out that Okja is the perfect super pig and is torn off by the little girl to be the symbol of the multinational. Here begins the adventure of Mija who leaves for New York to bring Okja on its mountains and continue to live as before, in the tranquility of the woods. On her way, she meets the Animal Release Front, which, with zero impact, tries to save animals from multinationals like Mirando and helps her in the battle to save Okja.
The film clearly shows how animals are treated in intensive breeding facilities. Also showing the phases of the production of minced meat for hypermarkets. There are scenes that also show the suffering suffered by these animals. Despite all the language he manages to be delicate, intense and light, suitable for children.
There is the sin, alas.

Okja has the courage to be revolutionary and bearer of change, but to make it has probably jumped off an important passage: the atmosphere of the movie theater, the dark, the fragrance of popcorn and the perfect acoustics, all the factors that aim for rights to the viewer’s stomach.Because, as the resolution of your TV may be perfect, at home the atmosphere is different. Netflix, releasing it only on its platform, would have thought that such an important message could come before. But I repeat, at home the atmosphere dies.
However, the criteria for making Okja a great movie are: the sensation of seeing a fairytale, interesting plot, a total budget of around $ 50 million and a big cast that, in addition to the young and intense Korean actress Ahn Seo-hyun, boasts the essential presence of Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Lily Collins and Giancarlo Esposito.
The communication campaign that accompanies the film is also original. You will not easily see the movie’s traditional trailers, but the Mirando Corporation’s advertising that seeks to promote its products, to their point of view zero impact.
Not only that, the Mirando is also sending care packages full of its products to the chef Bottura caliber and food blogger famous for their food choices as our friends, A gypsy in the kitchen. All of them are obviously deployed against Mirando and their ruthless industrial policy.
Do you want advice?
Watch the movie Okja and consume meat responsibly!

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