Of SEA PUNK we’ve never enough

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What we are witnessing is the new manifestation of the Sub-culture born before the massing of the Internet.
Everything originated in the late 1980s and ’90s when seapunk fashion was launched by a very young Mtv Gen, who instead of dressing the luxury of the vaporwave, cools it makes it more humane and relaxed.
The theorization of subculture is relatively young: it was created in 2011 and is represented by an explosion of – cold – colors that have massively characterized the culture of younger and young people in the last two decades.
But we know the Millennials and even worse the Z, they do not quite agree with the rigid definitions, so in the last 5 years they gave us a mix of different sub cultures that inevitably had to be mixed. The synthesis was surely started with the Coachella festival, with the help of Mrs. Donatella Versace and Jeremy Scott.W
e could argue that the seapunk combined with the soft-grunge, a crown of flowers and a fluorescent necklaces are the perfect mix for any spring festival.
From the cluster to the masses the step was short in under 7 years the color palette of this pastel subculture arrived on the heads of the masses and in the closets of all.
Special praise, in my opinion, is to be made to Ms. Versace, the undisputed queen of these sub-cultures, which has lately been able to fill a Health Goth flavor that I honestly did not think could be homogenized so well.

Here explain in detail the two sub cultures:

Ladies it’s just for teen.
The recipe is an absurd and inevitable simplicity for a rock-loving seapunk, obviously playing in the coolest club in the center.
Not that rock like that of Daddy, dirty with fat, but guitars remind him so much.
Just finished baking in the sweet oven, we find the colors of the pack on their hair, from candyPink to shabby blue, with a prominent rejuvenation that resembles the apparently blond angelic appearance of a modern, tinted Itgirl.
A pastor’s eldest of a bigger sister like Shirley Manson, the iconic Front of Garbage, a Lady of Grunge, dispose of his sister’s black metal clothes and dress a punkrock, picking up the metal in the accessory.
All this is obviously enclosed in an oversize not just longfit printed t-shirt, all backed by a very tumblr golden age (we talk about 2010) the docMartens.
Winning look at the top music festival such as the coachella, which will absolutely be documented in detail on an almost infinite amount of
Culture that makes of Charles XCX and the fascinating Lana delRay real icons of a rampant sub-culture all over the feminine and under 18 with obvious age-related wrinkles.


The SeaPunk

Before the actual “theorization” of the subculture born to all the recent effects in 2011, there were many exponents in the 1990s who had chosen the unconscious and most “understatement” alternative of the previous subculture the vaporwave.
An explosion of deep sea colors that reminds us of an ultra pop shabby, who has just discovered 3d modeling, we talk about the pre-fractal, to say, the early tomb raider, where Pixar and its technology were still A distant future.
Culture, which has made a film such as “Immortal to Vitam” by director Enki Bilal, an iconographic banner where solid geometry becomes central matter, and esoteric symbols become all the fetish effects of a blues culture in an vertical overcrowded coastal city.

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