Not only a SubCulture: The Gabber way of life

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Subculture, the Gabber, very prolific at the end of the last century. Winning youth distress lived in the suburbs of a very wet Rotterdam. Addicted to AirMax, alcohol, drugs and Hardocore Music:

– The hardcore music, is a sub-genre of techno music. Its main feature is the use of a drum machine, with distortion effect in such a way as to generate a square wave with decreasing pitch. –

An important step, from subgenre, to subculture and then mainstream, to be brought to the fore by the uncoordinated way to dance it: I do not know if you remember, the upper body, of Gabber followed a relatively predictable movement schema, the rest definitely not . If you’re curious, Youtube is full of videos that explain technically very funny way of dancing of gabber, which outperforms addicted of dubstep and drum & base, for worst head body coordination.
It is a subculture with a mood rigid in clothing, music and hair. Everything must follow very precise, almost military directives, what might be expected given the dependence on an ideology that is said now abandoned.
The loved brands from this subculture, the less creative we have analyzed up to now, are really very few, the principal for the man, are 2: Australian and Nike. From the suit to the shoe, everything must appear as normal as possible. Obviously there are polo and suits of Sergio Tacchini, Fila and Diadora, brands that are among others undergoing a new spring, who knows why.
With the passing of 90s their kind, the style, the way we do, has changed, music has become increasingly harsh, the ideology has shifted more and more towards the extreme right, approaching the world Gabber than Skinhead . Eventually both cultures are born covered with gray clouds of Northern Europe.
From Holland it has branched across Europe, thanks to the advent of the internet and sharing. Again, the network has expanded like wildfire the stylistic features of this subculture that has conquered the world widely, thanks to the music and the places where this was heard and danced.

So have risen to the fore, acid evenings spent in abandoned places or forests; and so they were born the Rave, at least as we know them: gigantic events – vaguely illegal – where rivers of guys, soured by the discomfort, pouring sweat all over their disappointment.
Much more colorful with a whimsical inevitable music that makes the brand recognizable around the world. From Rome to the remotest Seattle campaigns, the stencil remains that.
The Gabber, for music listening, for the way they dress and his way of dancing, are the least glam on which my eyes have had the pleasure of rest. Recently, Kris Van Assche succeeded. Yes, because the last collection of Dior Homme, the brand of which Van Assche is the creative director, is precisely inspired by the gabber culture. As seen in Paris, the last Fashion Week, also Balenciaga it fell. Kris has succeeded in the difficult task to outline a rave party style before for Dior and then he handed back to the world making it the most salable. Gabber a more mainstream than that, never been. -They Touched apice-.
The music that we are listening to in recent years is the proof: the metal mixes completely with the digital and hip hop. The basics are always the hardest, it was expected a return to a subculture of this kind and in the end we are re-living all in a row from vaporwave to seapunk, to healtgoth until Gabber fact, the last ten years we have summarized the late second half of the last century with a tiring succession of styles.
Moreover, with the return of Will & Grace, the upcoming Charmed the omnipresent Nanny, with the return of Trainspotting life after 20 years or so, it was inevitable a return to the ’90s and acidity of this kind.
Culture, not too sub, the Gabber, because now we are talking about a trend into being, full of its own generation uncomfortable at that time was too young to do, but not to live as a spectator who was taking notes. The millennials were wrapped and taken home, the Z learn from older siblings, and in a few years will pull off a genderfluid version of Gabber which already not sinned gendering of extremist if not in the way they do.

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