N°21: sobriety and experimentation

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clean cuts and oversize volumes, N°21 in yesterday’s fashion show, a sober man sports lover, which expertly mixes with the formal. fluorescent colors and camouflage, teamed with neutral colors, for Alessandro Dell’Acqua.
Geometries mixed with the softness of the garments over and camouflage give an unexpected sobriety, nothing disturbs in a very strong collection for the young Water brand.

  • No21_MATT_1
  • No21_MATT_2
  • No21_MATT_3
  • No21_MATT_4
  • No21_MATT_5
  • No21_MATT_6
  • No21_MATT_7
  • No21_MATT_8
  • No21_MATT_9
  • N°21_MATT_10
  • No21_MATT_11
  • No21_MATT_12
  • No21_MATT_13
  • No21_MATT_14
  • No21_MATT_15
  • No21_MATT_16
  • No21_MATT_17
  • No21_MATT_18
  • No21_MATT_19
  • No21_MATT_20
  • No21_MATT_21
  • No21_MATT_22
  • No21_MATT_23
  • No21_MATT_24
  • No21_MATT_25
  • No21_MATT_26
  • No21_MATT_27
  • No21_MATT_28
  • No21_MATT_29
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