There are no gays in Chechnya or perhaps there will be no more!

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The news was given by the investigative newspaper Novaya Gazeta, which states that in Chechnya, would be open concentration camps for gays. Novaya Gazeta talk of torture and electroshock.
The news does not surpriseand not just for homophobic policies supported by the Chechen government Ramzan Kadyrov, formerly known for human rights violations, but also because in February a man was arrested by police in Chechnya due to the photos of “gay scene” found on his cellphone.
His contacts were kept under control and from there started the raid. Today there are hundreds men arrested, indeed disappeared. And more and more insistent are the reports of arrests and torture to charges of homosexuality. Novaya Gazeta tells about a massacred hundreds of men with sticks, glass bottles, tortured with electric shocks, hanging by the wrists and ankles, almost suffocated with plastic bags.
It seems that these men are now forced into inhumane conditions in a “secret prison” in the city of Argun, near Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. With them suspected jihadists and former Syrian fighters. The luckiest prisoners, as written by the newspaper, are released when the soldiers discover that they are not gay and are returned to families in terrible conditions, after being humiliated and tortured savagely, others remain in camps and some are killed.
The detainees have managed to leak the information through semi-clandestine movement of Russian LGBT Network, the only cell of LGBT activists. The news coming are terrible. One detainee recounted: “They took us out and beat us, try to understand who you are in contact, who are your friends, and their sexual orientation. The phones keep always on them, anyone who calls or messages can be a new target” . The Chechen police would use the lists of of detainees’s contacts to lure other people and lock into place.
As discovered by the newspaper Novaya Gazeta, to return the social respectability to the families of “homosexuals suspected” some men of the Chechen authorities would invite families to “honor killing”.
The Chechen government meanwhile denied this and stated that in Chechnya there are no gay people and that “They can not be arrested or repress people who do not exist in the Republic. If there were people like that in Chechnya, the police should do nothing because their relatives would send them away to places where you can not return”.
The Kremlin meanwhile washes his hands. Dimitri Peskov, a spokesman for Putini, has not confirmed, but not refuted, the news about anti-gay raids that would take place in Chechnya. According to reports from the Russian news agency Interfax, Peskov said not to be “in possession of information about it, is not the prerogative of the Kremlin”. “If the police, according to some people, who committed actions considered violations – said Peskov – then these people can use their rights and go to court.” “I’m not a great expert in the field of non-traditional sexual orientation and I can not answer the question competently.”
The LGBT activists, meanwhile, have raised the alarm and Europe to Western countries, because they intervene openly against what is happening in the Islamic Republic of Chechnya and open the doors to all homosexuals who want to escape.
It is absurd that a world in which we talk about gender, fluidity and freedom of feelings, polyamory, a world that claims to have overcome homophobia, then attend this mess without lifting a finger.
There are no gays in Chechnya or perhaps there will be no more!

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