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Twitter NFL img credits and rights: C_osett e Matt Hamm

A little ‘time ago we published an article on which we made some reasonings about the trouble of Twitter to reach new users. Our idea assumed that Twitter, as it was, did not do much more engagement of new users because the users already interested in microblogging were almost all on Twitter, in essence, the target was already all taken.

Now, after many reasonings, including the idea of increasing the limit until 10000 characters, as we had heard a few months ago, at Twitter have had the classic stroke of genius, they are awarded the TV rights to broadcast live on TV the Thursday’s matches of the NFL.
For a figure that, according to rumor from Reuters and Re/Code website, should be less than 10 million euro, Twitter has done a fantastic operation of engagement of new user, which as mentioned has long been a their weak point.
The very important thing, by the way, is that, being able to comment directly the matches on the social network, Twitter will “educate” to the use of their service a huge fleet of people, who otherwise hardly would have an approach to this social network.
Twitter is famous for having the average users with the highest cultural rate among various social networks, which is beautiful in some respects, but also makes it a bit ‘boring and not so attractive for those that outside working hours just wants to have fun and stay carefree.

Here, we have described the genotype of a supporter, a host of people around the world that at least once a week they want to look a bit ‘of sport without too much stress on how is going the economy, the environment and the problems of the world. Quite the opposite of what is now on Twitter.
So it’s a good move, because as well as to expand the target audience, will make it even more heterogeneous, a thing that Twitter needed.
To play the game for the allocation of rights there were also Amazon, Verizon and Facebook but it has withdrawn last week.

It is clear that in addition to the engagement objectives of Twitter, the news has a value for the whole media system, in fact, as he told Jack Dorsey: This is about transforming the fan experience with football.
But perhaps even more, in fact if it were to take hold, it could change the way of following all sports in the world, the easy way and especially that there is everywhere you want. We’ll see what happens. Meanwhile, congratulation Twitter!

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