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NFL Europe: why doesn’t run?

There are two leagues in the world that are much richer than the other and both are of Football, but have nothing to do with each other.
These two championships are called Barclays Premier League and is held in England, the other is the National Football League and is held in the United States of America.
The first of the two championships works quite well in the other country instead the second no.
Let’s start by saying that it is not a question of brand, in fact, they are both excellent and very well done. The first, with a beautiful lion that recalls the Crusades and the other one with its classical scheme of blue, white and red that for the Americans is essential.

The difference in terms of exports which is it? It is that the Premiere League is watched in the US and its most successful team, the one with the strongest brand in the world, that Manchester United is even owned by a US. (Find an in-depth article here on the United). The NFL instead is the most watched sport in the world and the first for receipts, but it makes them pretty much all over from the US. Why does not happen for example that in Europe people follows the NFL that is really a show without equal?

It is a question of values of the target. That is, quite simply, the Europeans hate that this game is called football and even less like that in the states call the Football, the one made according to the European rules, with the name “Soccer”. Have you seen the movie scene from Hooligans where the protagonist explains this? If not watch it because the film is beautiful.
Anyway, the point is that, although it appears that the younger generation is less tied to these stereotypes and simply calls that one born in UK Football and the other one American Football, knowing that they are two totally different things without making too many dramas.
But as you can well understand, the numbers make the present, for the future we are to wait, because the NFL now suffer in terms of television viewers of its luggage unwelcome in Europe, namely the trivial fact of being called Football.
But it really is a sport as there isn’t in Europe, a way of performing all-American that should be seen. It would be enough to show a few cult scenes of the games to win the heart of any sports lover and turn the proceeds of the NFL in Europe. Should only omit the little word … Football … and call it, at least in Europe, only the NFL. If with a good communications and branding campaign, you can bring people in Europe to say, let us look a NFL match, instead of saying, let us look a Football match, the problem would pass into oblivion and we gain all, the NFL, as well as viewers of the old continent.

Lost the NFL means losing one of the best shows that sport can do. It is a sport tactical to incredible levels, with armored and heavy men that run like gazelles, launchers with the viewfinder on his arm and a lot of play schemes that could embarrass a computer systems analyst, and then is spectacular, is a continuous show of uniforms sparkling, mascots, cheerleaders and stands filled with people dressed in the colors of their team.

A real American show, which like the UFC is doing (here the article on UFC) has to become increasingly easy to see even in Europe.

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