A New Year to celebrate

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And well it, the 2016 comes to an end. It’s been a tough year for everyone and for this the last midnight of the year is celebrated as it should be.
I propose to take a plane and visit the coolest places to celebrate the first night of 2017.
If your intention and than exchanging the first kiss of the year in the square, the answer can only be New York!
Everyone knows that the biggest show of the countdown is in Times Square, where the wait for the ball drop is colored confetti of millions of the most famous in the world. Times Square on December 31 is the navel of the world. But if you do not like the “bedlam” New York offers a series of very interesting alternative. Just take refuge outside the city center, or better yet outside of Manhattan, where you can also enable you to dine in peace at the table and already celebrating the beginning of the evening.
Many are the cafes where you can enjoy a drink and enjoy the micro climate of the parties that develop within these environments, it will be easier to find people and then feel a bit ‘more than New York. If you then want to get lost in the crowd just to get to Columbus Circle to enter Central Park, on 72nd street, toward the Bethesda Fountain, where residents mainly celebrate, here are shooting the traditional fireworks at the stroke of midnight. Brooklyn instead is the perfect destination for a cool new year. If weather conditions were lenient, from here you can enjoy the city skyline after taking a tour of the cafes and on the streets. The neighborhood is on New Year’s Eve party, but it is an intimate party and less chaotic and parties in the premises to toast the new year are more affordable.
Exactly the opposite of the snowy New York is Lampedusa which could be an economical solution for those who want to escape the New Year celebrations and spend a quiet evening in a magical place. In Lampedusa, the climate is temperate and the proximity to the African coast enjoys warm weather in December and January with highs of 20 ° and 8 ° minimum. Nothing prevents a seafood dinner by the sea, enjoying a good Sicilian wine.
If you are just convinced that an international huge crowd is what it takes, what better than London, Berlin or Amsterdam better?
The fireworks show on the banks of the Thames is the most famous in the world, but to assist tourists and Londoners are placed to wait from 4 pm, so book a river cruise. We embark at Westminster Pier, the boat sails to Greenwich. Before midnight near the Big Ben we stop waiting for the 12 famous chimes to watch the fireworks from the comfort of the boat jetty.
If you are not so romantic, Berlin is your New Year’s capital. Most Berliners, virtually all, two million every year flock to New Year’s Eve at the Brandenburg Gate. It is the New Year in the largest square in the world: 2 km of festivities, we start from the Brandenburg Gate to Siegessäul, the Victory Column, populated by stand, gastronomy from around the world, music, concerts, animations and laser lights. The large square beneath the Brandenburg Gate, the most popular destination is transformed after midnight in a disco in the open air where the fun goes on until the wee hours of the morning.
Amsterdam focuses on the Dam square, where is held every year the New Year’s concert. Live music and great artists to 23:00 leave the expectation step of midnight and the fireworks that invade the city, the music continues and the rain falls abundant champagne on the people in the square.
What to choose between the old and opulent Buda or Pest modern and night? To make the choice should begin having dinner aboard a boat on the blue Danube, and then choose one of the many clubs in the district of Pest, which in exhilarating nightlife has nothing to envy to European capitals, perhaps the most famous. Interesting are the Romkocsma literally pubs in the ruins. Set up with recycling materials in an artistic way and are the center of Budapest’s underground life and the experimentation 360 ° between cinema, dance and music.
On the terrace of the State Department Store Centrum Corvin Corvin is the roof, where concerts, exhibitions and shows alternate Hungarian and foreign artists. Mix Art is located at Mikszáth Square. Kiscendes, housed in a former industrial kitchen is the place for an alternative New Year.
Well choose what to do. I stay home, it’s too cold.

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