New Instagram logo: There are new colors on our screens

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New Instagram logo More and more color on our screens …
Even Instagram changes its face, the old icon of the classic camera, there are now a camera 2d, more or less rainbow. But actually it does not change only the central brand logo of the team, owned by Facebook, but also Hyperlapse (which allows you to create time-lapse), Layout (for collages) and Boomerang (for video of a few seconds).
Icons that always, even in the past, have had rainbow colors, but it was not only redesigned the logo, lighter, fun and colorful as its target, the user interface also changes completely, much cleaner and lighter, abbondonando the classical colors of the brand in favor of something stronger. Out the blue and orange, into the black and red.
The app of snapshots, those that remain, the most loved by Millennials, with Snapchat in tow, it is given, after almost six years, a completely new image, with a manual timing to tell the truth.
400 million users, billions of images shared, is part of the key moments of the day for the millions who have decided to share their lives in Polaroid format.
Change the shapes, colors and layout, new, on trend, with very, very much vivid colors. In the end the task of an icon is to be remembered, immediately, and get noticed, in many smartphone screens, which are overloaded with icons … as if we all had not this icon on the main screen.
With this redesign also changes that nostalgic feeling towards the vintage piece, towards that intrinsically shape that represented the past and the future snapshot, which is now also animated.
Evidently no longer needed, just say quietly Instagram, that the bag is made. For this it was possible to do it all, sign, design, that even the Hipsters, the most passionate target, are changing … and the video presentation of the new image, it starts to smell like that.

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