Never again “Facebook” Mark Zuckerberg launched the red dot against fake news

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If you encounter a red dot on your monitor, you are not surfing banned sites to minors, but you’ll be more likely to fall into the trap of online hoaxes. After the requests received from more parties, to put a stop to fake news, Facebook has launched a new service for its users: a report, a “red label” that accompanies the news considered unreliable. The first victim, against his will, was Donald Trump: in recent days an article in the “Seattle Tribune” relaunched on social, about the alleged leak of information fostered by the Android smartphone of the president, was marked by the word “Disputed by and PolitiFact “.
In other words “contested” by some portals of fact checking ( and PolitiFact) who have questioned the veracity of the news. Zuckerberg, therefore, relies on a team of experts and journalists to ferret out a phenomenon, that of the so-called post-truth, which in recent months has undermined the credibility of the most popular social network and used in the world.
In this case, it was a fairly easy job, given that the “Seattle Tribune” presents itself as a satire site on the web and not as a news organization. Examples of this are even in Italy (from Fattoquotidaino to Ultimaora24 the Nozione). More complicated, will be hunt down those news that are broadcast in true sources of information or institutional characters. Suffice it to return to the same Trump, that victim is often transformed into executioner: the latest example is the infamous bombing in Sweden, trumpeted during a rally to justify his decree anti migrants, but actually never happened.
During the election campaign, the famous network “Political” has calculated that the future leader of the United States spoke on average a lie every 3 minutes and 15 seconds. An enviable pace for those who, on most days, he rails at the sound of tweets against the Americans media, accused of making a sounding board to the fake news, especially, he said, those who report the mysterious relations with Russia to Putin. An unprecedented war culminated in the exclusion from a conference at the White House of the major American newspapers (such as CNN and the New York Times).
The post truth does not spare even Italy. In Parliament it was presented a draft law to “prevent the manipulation of information online” often articulated through fake news bounce on social.
The president of the Camera, Laura Boldrini, are spending personally to fight a phenomenon that leads to hate the sound of insults campaigns, fueled by ever happened. The signatories of the draft law intend so to eliminate that sense of impunity that seems to accompany the so-called “hater” of the web. But the text does not please everyone, and there is already someone who speaks of anti-democratic tendencies which restricts freedom of expression.
Simply, instead recourse to a law, it would be enough a greater sense of responsibility every time you press the “publish” button.

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