Neuralink: the future of human intelligence

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Neuralink is startup founded by Elon Musk and that is what is doing: “Neuralink is developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.”
Yes, neuralink has the plan to insert neural laces in our brains, named brain-computer interfaces, that will allowe us to communicate with TVs, Computers, Artifical Intelligences and other humans, but first, probably it will be used to make the brains able to make move body prothesis or help people with body deseases.

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Some kind of these neural interfaces alredy exist, they are used to relieve the pain caused by the Parkinson morbe, other are used to let deaf people to hear again.
How work the already existing neural interface?
First, they need a brain scanning, like the magnetic resonance to make a mapping of the neocortex, then is identified which parts of the neocortex receive and send stimuli of the the specific part of the body interested in.
Implanting a neural interface in a part of the neocortex of a paralyzed patient, he will be able to move robotic limbs simply thinking to move them.
But, as always, Elon is going beyond.

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In an interview released at Wait But Why, it is understood he wants to create a neural interface able to work with all the brain and not with just a part of it.
A technology able to connect humans and machines without intermediates. He said that the today biggest limit between human and machine are the keyboards, the touchscreens and biometric sensors, that are slow and inefficient.
This could be fixed with an interface human-computer that set at zero the time for processing an information and that can increments endlessly the range of informations exchanged.
So, you will can command your devices only using your thought, but that is not the end yet.
What are making me shacking, the most exciting vision of this project has been called by Elon the Concensual Telepathy. It means that with neural interfaces we will be able to communicate telepathically human-to-human without say a word.
But even if this could happen in the next future, the first goal they want to reach is to create a product to put in the market in four years to help people who had brain stroke, cancer or congenital injuries.
Instead, to see a neural interface on the market for everyone we have to wait among eight and ten years.
About this kind of neural interface Musk said that thank Neuralink we will resolve the problem of the Singularity, namely that moment when the Artificial Intelligence overcome the Human Intelligence.
Musk said:”If the various artificial intelligences are separated from us, and much smarter than us, how can we be sure that they do not have optimization functions contrary to the interests of humanity?”

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He is solution is to become ourselves the Artificial Intelligence as he has explained: “If we get a close symbiosis, artificial intelligence will not be another thing than us, we will be ourselves. We can choose whether to be left behind, and become useless or be treated like a pet.”
Instead he think is better this way: ”to find a way to enter into symbiosis with artificial intelligence ».

At this moment there is two kind of problems to solve before to see this cybernetic product on the market. First the technological problem, most of all the need to find a way not invasive to have software and hardware updating. Second is moral: indeed what could happen if the human brain will be hackerable or manipulable?
We have not yet enough informations to understand what is going on, but that could really be the dawn of a new kind of cyborg humanity.

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