Netflix gives, Netflix takes away: new series and big goodbyes

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We have to speak often of Netflix, the streaming on demand platform most popular in the world. We often do this because there are one or more releases that are worth mentioning every month.
Even in the summer, Netflix did not pay attention to the decline of listening, to the sea and to the holidays, filling out new releases for July.
But it is also come under the scrutiny of the spectators for fiercely canceled TV series of great success and some who have had less luck.
We start from new releases.
After the fifth animated series Orange is the new black, June gave us Glow, an original TV series that chronicles the adventures of 13 women who approach the wrestling world, putting on a TV show. The plot is vaguely inspired by the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the 1980s US TV format. In the ten episodes come out characters and characteristics of all 13 aspiring wrestler in the series, between serious and less serious problems, always treated with a mild style, fun, that never weighs down even in the standard narrative issues such as abortion. Glow’s particularity lies in this lightness that never tends to end in banality.
There are only ten light episodes of 30 or 35 minutes on one, which run smoothly. It’s not a series that will change your lives, but on a rainy weekend it might be what you’re looking for.
Cultural stereotypes, somewhat desperate characters and the desire for personal revenge are at the heart of the series that is receiving a fairly successful record. Moreover, the creative team is the same as Orange is the new black, as well as narrative objectives and the world view that is hopelessly clashing with racial and gender stereotypes.
Another highly anticipated TV series Gypsy: American television series created by Lisa Rudin for Netflix. Starring Naomi Watts in the role of a therapist who begins the dangerous intimate relationships with people who are part of the lives of his patients. The first season, consisting of 10 episodes, will be entirely distributed on Netflix on June 30, 2017. Give me a few days and we’ll talk about it as it deserves.
But now we come to the painful notes.
Few people will miss Girlboss, a series produced, among others, by Charlize Theron, based on the #Girlboss autobiography of Sophia Amoruso. The decision is probably due to the low resonance of Kay Cannon’s creation compared to other original productions.
Is the story of Sophia, an infamous and disorderly young woman whose passion for vintage is destined to turn her into an unlikely businesswoman with the unsuccessful challenge of being the head of herself.
The dismissal of Girlboss appears to be part of a Netflix investment and offer upgrading plan, which has also recently stopped Sense8, The Get Down and Marco Polo.
The case Sense8, American science fiction television series created by Lilly and Lana Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski, cost him much criticism on the other hand demande platform.
The story in big lines is this: Eight strangers from different parts of the world suddenly develop a reciprocal telepathic connection. Characters, belonging to different cultures, religions, and sexual orientations, find themselves to be “sensate” people with an advanced level of empathy who have developed a deep psychic connection with a small group of their own.
As they seek to discover, disoriented, the meaning of their extrasensory perceptions and begin to interact with each other, a man, Jonas, offers to help them. At the same time another enigmatic figure, Whispers, gives them hunting, exploiting their own ability to capture or kill them.
The second season of Sense8, had just made its debut over the past few weeks on Netflix when it was official news that there will not be a third season. And these days the rumors and the agitation of the fans are growing, with the news that Baz Luhrmann’s The Get Down was canceled. The cancellation would be due to a purely economic issue, because the series cost millions of dollars, of which nine only for the second season, with locations around the world and a fairly full cast, was definitely a challenging project for Netflix. Without having achieved the notoriety of other titles like Orange is the new Black or Stranger Things.
Despite the hashtags, online petitions to keep the series going, Netflix has not come back: “We read the petitions. We read the messages. We know you would like #RenewSense8 and we too would like #BringBackSense8 for you, “reads in the statement featured by the fans’ hashtags used these days. “The reason we have been very busy answering is that we have thought long and hard, but unfortunately we can not content ourselves.” It seems that farewell has come.
And you? Which series would you like to say goodbye?

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