Mudimbi, M¥SS KETA and Birthh: Baci Festival we will be there!

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We had announced and promised it and we, modestly, always keep our promises.
So on the 24th of June we will be at the Eremo Club at Molfetta for the Baci Festival and the line up is spectacular: among the guests Mudimbi, M ¥ SS KETA (you already know), Make money, Birthh!
Right, that’s enough talk, let’s start from the beginning.
The word “kiss” in Italian BACIO gives the idea of intimacy, of new knowledge and especially of love, if the kisses are so many is even better! But the word “Baci” is also an acronym and in this case it is the acronym of “Bancdo alle ciance”! (Right, that’s enough talk)
This is how the Baci Festival is born, from desire of Ubique Studio, Flamingo Bar and Eremo Club to create a festival that is expression with the most innovative music scene of the electronic scene, always experimenting with new contaminations, new trends and dynamics.
So, as the raccoon says, this year’s symbol: “Right, that’s enough talk,, let’s go to the facts … it’s time to chase!”
“We thought that the Eremo Club, a reference point for the live scene, as well as being an active part of production, could also be the right place to host an annual Festival,” explains Milo Ventura of Ubique Studio.
Last year, the Baci was divided into five dates, unlike the canonical concept of the festival, just to help spread the idea of the project. This year, however, will be concentrated on a single date, June 24, with performances by artists of the electronic scene, mainly Trap, which leaves room for the various declinations of electronics. A single date, just to start a new path.
To perform at the Baci this year will be artists of the caliber of M ¥ SS KETA, now a star, indeed extreme and incorrect “definitive diva”, but also Mudimbi, a living contamination, an explosive blend of trap, grime, dubstep, Rap & dancehalll. Birthh that caresses a delicate and melancholic electronics.
But not only: there will be LeMandorle with their electro-pop vision, Sgamo, producer and dj resident of Kisses, to finish with Twetto, a young lever of great potential.
In the Flamingo room, the second room will be performed by Bell Towers, an international producer, star of several Boiler Room, which is the exception of the tropical and psychedelic electronic scene.
“The festival is based on the wide-ranging electronic scene and I think it will be the theme of the coming years,” explains Milo Ventura. This year, we have been guided by the Trap sound, at the moment among the big protagonists of the electronic landscape, with elements in common with rap, others derived from dubstep and especially from electronics. The line up is based on this and I think the artists who will perform at Baci perfectly represent the declinations of this scene. ”
And next year?
“The Baci in the future will retain its peculiar attention to a new electronic scene,” explains Milo, always experimenting with new contaminations, new trends and dynamics. It could even go to the songwriting but always related to the electronic genre. We hope for a growth in the artistic proposal, not only by increasing the number of days, but also by bringing more international artists to the Baci, increasing the number of stages and proposals that are always close to this scene. ”
Kisses can boast the support of, of course we will be Mattlumine, Kode_1, Mondo Beat Festival, Laezon, Kbrk as well as other short-listed partnerships.
But let’s go back to the raccoon.
Every year, Baci uses a different animal that expresses the festival’s mood: “While last year the event was a lipstick-like monkey that would have kissed the audience,” says Ventura, “this year it’s all in the hands of raccoon. We liked the idea of an animal that was in the water but also on the ground. We have imagined it as a pirate and stealth that crosses a different habitat than its own as the sea to reach the Eremo and get confused with the public. ”
So what are you waiting to make chaos with us?



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