MOSCHINO – a space adventure

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good trip, even for Moschino, the military trumps everything, however, as Jeremy sees the military, no animalier, much camuflage in a manifold versions and colorful space battles, the imagination of the creative director leaves the planet, in pastel visions, almost vaporwave frescoes the prints of an amusing collection, enriched by mutlicolor and multi materials, harness and sling and any number, fetish of cultural undergrowth brought on the catwalk, fun and irreverent! Jeremy? the new normal !!

  • Moschino_fw17_1
  • Moschino_fw17_2
  • Moschino_fw17_3
  • Moschino_fw17_4
  • Moschino_fw17_5
  • Moschino_fw17_6
  • Moschino_fw17_7
  • Moschino_fw17_8
  • Moschino_fw17_9
  • Moschino_fw17_10
  • Moschino_fw17_11
  • Moschino_fw17_12
  • Moschino_fw17_13
  • Moschino_fw17_14
  • Moschino_fw17_15
  • Moschino_fw17_16
  • Moschino_fw17_17
  • Moschino_fw17_18
  • Moschino_fw17_19
  • Moschino_fw17_20
  • Moschino_fw17_21
  • Moschino_fw17_22
  • Moschino_fw17_23
  • Moschino_fw17_24
  • Moschino_fw17_25
  • Moschino_fw17_26
  • Moschino_fw17_27
  • Moschino_fw17_28
  • Moschino_fw17_29
  • Moschino_fw17_30
  • Moschino_fw17_31
  • Moschino_fw17_32
  • Moschino_fw17_33
  • Moschino_fw17_34
  • Moschino_fw17_35
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