Morrissey attacks the Rome police and clears the Italian tour dates. “A Dangerous Country Like Syria”

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That thorn in the side, the title of one of his most famous single (The boy with the thorn in his side) is called Italy a few days. Morrissey, a former Smiths leader, has a problem with our country: last week he was stopped by police officers on duty on Via del Corso in Rome because he proceeded at great speed and countered by car, driven by his nephew. According to the singer, the agents have shown too much power in the situation: on the social the photographer and grandson of Morrissey has vehemently polemised. “Last night at 7:45 pm in Via del Corso, the police officer in the photo (and in the post also includes the police officer’s picture) has terrorized Morrissey for 35 minutes by demanding documents”. But that’s not all because rockstar has increased the dose by declaring: “I did not break any law, I was not behaving suspiciously. The cop took off his gun and began to scream in my face”. And he added: “I think the police have recognized me and for that they wanted to scare me. Be careful about this dangerous cop, it could kill you. ”

But the Rome Police Station disagrees and has decided to intervene to defend the agents involved: the singer was asked for four times to show the identity document. A rejected application, motivated by the fact that it has been forgotten in the hotel; In any case Morrissey would have rejected the police’s invitation because he had not committed any crime and therefore, in his view, should not have shown the document. But in Italy, they say from the Questura, if a policeman asks for a recognition document, anyone is required to perform it. The police denied that the agent had taken the gun against the musician. the scene would end with a misdemeanor for Morrissey and his nephew with the promise, by the artist, the cop “become famous”.

History is not over here. Because before the Smiths former frontman canceled the Italian dates for his next race, then he launched a new attack on Italy. In an interview with the British tabloid “Metro Uk”, he said: “Yes, I had a certain kind of attitude, attitude of one that is caused. I do not expect anyone to know who he is. But if that’s all the police say, then you can safely draw your own conclusions. If such a thing can happen to me, in Rome, in full day, then Italy is at the level of Syria for moral stability. With armed and free psychopaths in the streets, migrants will soon be besieging Italian borders to return to Libya”. And the nephew, on facebook, added: “Just to make it clear: Morrissey was not driving. Rayner was not driving, “said Sam Esty Rayner.” The driver showed the documents and had no fine for road traffic offense. The policeman shot a gun at Morrissey because he did not have the documents. ”

Over the years, the singer has become famous for his bizarre gestures and for some not just diplomatic statements. In a 2009 concert he left the stage for a concert in Liverpool after being hit by a half-empty bottle, then in several circumstances he first argued with David Beckham’s family and then with Madonna, once again attacked the British Music Awards . The best synthesis is probably offered by the words of Patrick Krief, member of the Canadian band who in 2006 accompanied him in the US: “Opening for Morrissey was a sad experience. Seeing what can make success to certain people is rather painful. Sometimes it would be better not to meet the people you admire. ”

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