Moleskine Smart Writing: the right idea is hybrid!

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We know, is no longer the time of paper and pen, tablet, early in their appearance on the market were regarded with suspicion by many who did not understand well what they were, they saw them as a kind of desire to overdo of the high-tech companies, have instead become very useful tools in many contexts, from trade to education, making almost disappear the classic combination of “pen and paper”.

We underline almost disappear, yes because there are two things in which even the pen and paper resist, one is the notes taken quickly, in passing, those things that we note during those times when we weren’t expecting having to write down something, the second is the Moleskine brand, which in recent years, the ones of the race at the last tech gadget, is reliving the golden years, thanks to its historic and romantic mood that is little lacking in our generation, the Millennials.

Well, now to Moleskine, after having also made known to the Y and Z generation its brand, lacked pace that would bring Moleskine in the digital age, a step that however, should not make us lose the speed of execution that allows us the pen and paper notebook in Moleskine style.
Hence the mind of Julius Iacchetti comes Moleskine Smart Writing, a system-bridge between analog and digital. As we often hear people say “this is a hybrid technology”, well here it is “hybrid writing”.

How does it work? It’s easy, rather easy. The system consists of a paper notebook, a hybrid pen that writes with ink and that records what you write thank an internal camera, and finally an app sends everything to the tablet where the ink graphic sign is converted into digital graphic sign.
In this way there is the availability to quickly write something on paper and also to have everything stored digitally, with the clear comfort that this entails, such as editing and sharing.

For Moleskine is definitely a very apt product, certainly the disclosure of its use will depend as much by the budget and the communication and marketing strategies, while for you, if you want to understand more, you just need to watch the video!

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