Tim Burton new work: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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It was released a few days ago the first official trailer of the last work of Tim Burton: “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”. The film focuses on the character of Jake (Asa Butterfield), who discovers this house, where Miss Peregrine (Eva Green), a little to the dr. Xavier, hides and care special people, from the rest of the world. Her a Mary Poppins, frightening, as she was called by the director in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, which will push Jake to find his special gifts.
Since ’71, when he produced his first short movie, to date, the director gave us all his world full of monsters and fairies, a fantasy world, full of a cold loneliness note, a slight vision of SteamPunk a fantasy world inhabited by monsters and people who as children we frightened and tormented.
From Beetlejuice ’88, the fantasy world of the director has expanded, and has produced blockbuster films that will go down in history.
The world of film is beautifully covered with a gray patina of intrigue and tension that keeps adults and children attached to any kind of screen on which you are watching one of his works.
The luck was to have found his half in a multifaceted genius who accompanied him in some of his films, Helena Bonham Carter, until 2014.
In each film gives us a window on his demons, about what torments his soul, or at least has always seemed so. After winning the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement in 2007 in Venice, in 2010 we see him at the head of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival. He and his films have won many awards and have been so many nominations.
The generation just before 2000 grew up watching his movies, immersed in his nightmares, fears and disorders, from Nightmer Before Christmans up to Edward Scissorhands, the Sleepy Hollow etc …
The numbers, of the director are obviously fantastic as movies, almost $ 1 billion just for Alice in Wonderland. Although not everyone understands, in many they appreciate it and many are watching his labors in theaters.
The pleasure of watching a story free from the usual trappings, full of that breath that some centuries before it would be only possible to find in the great books of fairy tales.
At the end Tim is a man who can still speak like a child and keep everyone glued to his stories. That’s the hallmark of visionary director, that create beautiful stories, which disturb the listener and leaves with a smile on the face at the exit from the halls of cinema, like all fairy tales that you respect. It is certain that remains outside all trends, is a fixed point of international cinema. Makes possible still, in a way in which few or no one does, the one for which the tales and cinema were born, that is, give away a dreamy few hours to the public, far from any real problem.

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