Milan Underground Culture: an eye in the veins of the city

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Milan Underground:
Underground, at the cultural level reported in the minds of specific images, rich faded colors, those of walls painted in a long time, from the hands of many who have followed and have stratified their art, pictures of Strong Grain, do not regret HD and music that always and always look to tomorrow.
This is what the underground scene back in everyone’s mind, but it’s not just that.
You experiment, in all forms of art, how we see the art, including digital music, photography, wall art, street art, illustration, pr, night in general, which brings counsel even if you do not sleep.
In Milan, which many think is completely asleep, made only by fashion, invoices and business, before this, below this, flows the blood of a city that over the business core and base note that reminds the province, it turns into a ferment not unenviable.
It is obvious the city’s image and his vocation are evident to all, but also the underground scene is affected and inevitably influence society in general and the fashion in the first place.
There are many clubs and people that we can consider “the nocturnal doors of the of Milan underground scene”, in fact we discover a city full of colors, full of faces and new sounds, with a freshness, innovation and creativity that are comparable to many other international capital, of course always with a unique style, that of the fashion capital.
Of clubs and bars there are many, both in the center, more on the outskirts, in the coolest neighborhoods in appreciation, different, for all ages and budgets, from NoLo, to Isola, Ticinese / Carrobbio and so on, the image is that of a new city that is pulling on new bands of willing young entrepreneurs, who are bringing to the center, fashion, music and the new way of doing and thinking of awake underground culture, which yes, is not dead, is alive, in a lot of things and intentions, but it is alive and with a great desire.

shimmy shimmy shimmy

circolo magnolia milano credit photo F. // Chicca // K. Silva
We’re seeing more and more often resurface thanks to some visionaries, like Marcelo Burlon, who with his brand and his way of propose it, brings the culture of clubbing and the new formal more at the center. In fact, during the last fashion week, we saw on the catwalk a respectable collection, actually beautiful from the shoe up to accessories and styling. Beautiful, but the event itself has also meant much more, batteries at the center of the theater and Mikky Blanco at the microphone.
This for me is a perfect example of culture and skills of those who enjoy genuine ferment of the city, full of those people that adorn every day with their wall art, like the boys of “Wall of Milan” (below you’ll find the link to their profiles), DJs and clubbers, restaurateurs, barbers and so many others.
Anyone who has lived in Milan, certainly will remember the SGA in Arese, we can define the Italian CBGB, if it is not too bold, now in the history, of course, then the Magnolia, the Dude, the LoFi, the Q21, Leoncavallo, the Biko, the Magazzini, the historic Rocket. Some of these clubs have been in the history of the city a real cultural ferment of the reference point as well as the Cox18, the Tunnel, the Dude etc …

leoncavallo milano credit photo diadà

It is a theme very compless, or that of the Milan underground culture, exists because there is someone who does and is especially recognizable because there is someone that makes it visible to the general public, from the walls of the Cox18 of Leoncavallo speakers through the various collectives like Elita, Lobo, Skeng until arriving at fashion shows, everyone does what they do best, and it’s not just a matter of spending the night.
The public is more large, more hungry for news, new sounds, new colors, shapes, are the new frontiers that every day should be moved to satisfy a culture that is not enough by itself.
Curiosity and experimentation, are the thoughts behind it all, of which the city is full of them, as lclub, walls and people. Need to write the tracks, painted walls and designed the sketches for tomorrow, also because we must do it ourselves otherwise who will think about this?
In the end what we wear in the future, the music we hear from tomorrow, is extremely probable that be walking or is vibrating the speakers of nightclubs today, it is a very interesting profile of the Milano fashion capital.
Beyond fashion’s more, yes, this is where is made the trend, it is here that we see the future, what is not trend at the Pitti, which still off his socks and puts the hat.
We see on the catwalk, and is exported to the world as the future of an Italian style that is being renewed, and that not everyone knows.
The color of the night dresses the walkways, covers lockers and writes the skin of the future lords of a different city, pulled between the houses on the water of Navigli and the steel and glass of her future. Trend, creativity and business, in a word: Milan.

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