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Intelligenza Artificiale Microsoft

Microsoft artificial intelligence, home work and autism.
The former child prodigy, former first lady of IT companies is becoming mature and conquest a different charm.
Companies, nay the brands, have a life similar to that of any other being on earth, are born, grow, some faster than others, then for many years continue life without longer grow, remaining essentially unchanged, but accrues and go slowly towards the old age. For successful brands these lives are very long, even hundreds of years.
Microsoft which was founded in 1975 and who will turn 41 years on April 4 is just become adult. Having been the worldwide informatics star for years, the last decade has had a kind of crisis of popularity in favor of new stars much sought after, especially two, Apple and Google, but today even all Asians are to keep tabs on.
So is it a bad thing? No, it is physiological and Microsoft has absorbed the shot and after the first attempts to restore the leadership has made the leap into maturity that it had to do and raises its brand with innovations that go beyond the product.

Example similar to what IBM did in the early 2000s when he left aside the personal computer market to engage in lesser known markets to the general public but that made it much more stable compared to market trends and very valuable once again.
Microsoft in fact after having tried the not so successful climb to the cell phone market it is now undertaking a number of initiatives that show it much more mature than before, and even compared to its competitors, or at least amounted.
In fact, if Google is focusing on studies on human longevity with Calico, Microsoft is testing with WeChat a software, which has been subjected to the greatest Turing test ever done, subjecting Xiaoice, this is the name of the software, at about 40 million people.
Ok, for those who do not know what is the Turing test, in a nutshell it is to submit a software to an in-depth conversation with a person, if the person does not realize to be talking with a software, the test is passed. Well, Xiaoice has brought to say “I love you” the 25% of those who have had a talk with it.
This is just one of those projects that advance the big companies, the ripe ones, another two very important concern the employees.
In fact, Microsoft already from 2014 in Germany has left its employees free to choose whether to work on-site, from home or take a part-time. The message was: you decide where and how to work, you just have to guarantee the results. A key step toward the smart city of the future, where avoid congesting the metropolis with unnecessary traffic will be a key point of the livability to restore respect to the cities of today.

Last but not least, it is a news of April 2015, but I report it because inherent in the speech, is the recruitment program that Microsoft has in Redmond Headquarter for people with autism. The Vice President Mary Ellen Smith has written on the company’s blog that the autistics in Microsoft are a great resource, in fact some of them have amazing ability to store information, to think deeply and to excel in mathematics and in the coding.
All this makes us see how Microsoft is entering a mature age, which definitely will able to excel in the market with services that are better suited to them and will also be an example for the young upwardly mobile companies, of informatics and not.

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