Between metaphysics and focaccia … The Floating Piers by Christo.

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Write an article about The Floating Piers by Christo and Jean-Claude seems to be a bit ‘obvious, very obvious indeed, due to the mass media strength of this event, especially in Italy, but maybe write again about this helps it do the leap of quality that leading from obvious to pop culture.
Yes, pop culture, that’s what has made The Floating Piers, a work conceptually very high, but lived in the most popular and commoner way possible by its visitors, a kind of chic-shock in land-pop sauce.
The truth is that pop art has nothing to do with the this artist’s philosophy, one of the greatest exponents of Land Art with ancient steps in Nouveau Realism, an artist who along with the now defunct wife was so innovative in deciding that to pack works of nature could be an artistic gesture and that it could be accepted by the masses in their minds, that connect him to the “by now I am exhausted of faces of Marilyn Monroe and Salvador Dali in all ways” seems crazy thing.
In fact I think that The Floating Piers is in a sense the culmination of a media exposure, more and more increasing of his works over the last twenty years, which today has become famous even his face. You could say that today, the face of Christo could go even end up on a few canvas of some artists sons of Warhol.

About The Floating Piers in Italy it was discussed on all the TV news and as only happens for the national football team and politics, for the first time I heard also discuss about this in the street at hundreds of kilometers away from the place where it happens the fact, the Lake Iseo, where Piers are precisely Floating.

In the best tradition of pop culture, because now we can speak of tradition, initially people do not know anything about the work of art and the artist, as few know who this person by the name similar to that of Jesus and… the kids throw themselves into the lake to bathe hooray, hooray, hooray, fortunately then there is instagram where I can put photos and let see to my all followerz that I am a good person, educated and that I follows the art because it increases my level as a part of civil society.
No come on, apart from the jokes, a day at the lake is ok, but after a while ‘becomes little boring, but with a The Floating Piers plus it’s more fun and at least we see something cool.

OH here, something cool. The work of Christo is something we all perceive as something beautiful, we are all attracted, I am certainly not an art critic, but I suppose to understand the market (that is the people, or rather, the mass of the people) and this work of art is a terrific product!
It’s better than Nutella and Coca-Cola Zero… no of this no, however, it is really nice, even under the sun that burns you can only think what a f***king genius idea had this artist.
The rigor with which these Piers cut harmoniously the landscape in a mixture of reality and rendering, between nature and mathematics, between matter and metaphysics is a sigh that awakens our souls in the depths … and then the little family on outings eats focaccia with prosciutto while the children run around like crazy as if The Floating Piers is Disney World. Is gorgeous.

As I said at the beginning, about this work has been written and said so much, someone even said that does not say anything, no, in fact even I’ve not heard it speaking, but other than that, everything can be said, as for the Nutella, that hurts, it makes you fat, that is an emotional shelter … okay okay, but come on, you can say that is not good to taste? You can say that the rainbow makes you sick?

There are things that are objectively beautiful, then you can discuss about all the philology in relation to Land Art and what it wants to make try to the humans, we can discuss about the contribution of this work to art history and so on, but not we can say that this work does not like it at all (apart from those imposed on their own), which is not beautiful, this work affects everyone, all of us want to go on as the jousts at the FunFair and then if you stop and look at the horizon, you jumps immediately into a De Chirico mental space.


In fact, despite being a huge work of land art (3.5 kilometers for 100,000 square meters of fabric) is less material of a Richard Serra and even, in my opinion, requires less physical confrontation with the work of those of Bob Morris that were specially created to have a physical comparison with the art work even if infinitely smaller than this. Well, on this one you rise above, you walk on, but the feeling is not of confrontation with the art work, but support that the art work does to us, bodies, minds, hearts, imagination, breath and little, very little, almost null, thinking. Maximum theatricality, maximum sensitivity, a lot of people and a lot of silence (… inside …).

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