TOP BRAND of 2015

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Top Brand of 2015.

1st Zaha Hadid

There are architects who think to every project differently depending on the need, a little ‘how does Renzo Piano, then there are architects, such as Tadao Ando, ​​Santiago Calatrava and for sure Zaha Hadid for which there’s no way they can make a structure that aesthetically not is recognizable of their own authentic style.
Zaha Hadid, British born in Baghdad, the first woman to receive the Pritzker Prize (2004), also won two Stirling awards is now the strongest brand of an archistar. Her style is recognized at a glance, the curves of his buildings, their delicate grandeur and the ability to multiply the prospects make her the architect who more than anyone else has managed to give material to the futurism that we saw only in digital projections. In addition to architecture, also her personal brand is essential to have the first position. Born Iraqi , naturalized British, eminent professor in important universities, backed by collaborations with masters of modern architecture, inserted in 2010 by TIME’s among the 100 most influential people in the world is our symbol of the woman in the age of globalization.

1st Miley Cyrus

Sagittarius, the first decade, class ’92. A true Millennials. She is the strongest personal brand of the year, her re-branding which has lasted by some years, in 2015 he finally began to take shape as a brand. Has regained importance, returning to the center of his of her image, her voice one of the most enveloping the music market has seen in recent years. She has made us accustomed to an avalanche of excess to each preliminary to the next, giving a meaning to everything. She is the Millennials for excellence, creativity that borders on the excess, a desire and an innate ability to break the rules, is a personal brand, but internationally, that represents a generation.
The fake thoughtlessness of a generation, that unlike predecessors does not ask questions, but applies the answers. Her voice is almost unexpected in her concerts, are pink punk flavored, rich in references to cultures and sub-cultures that her generation is proud to present. From sea-punk to the after party atmosphere full of sugar, gave us even experimental albums, like Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz. Album full of psychedelic pop produced by Smiley Miley, her record label.
Sugary pop, which has a strong connotation Bit. the pixel is grainy and the communication is made by acronyms and emoji.
In 2015 to be a Millennial pay.
First place on our list, because the re-branding from sweet girl with Texan Boots to Millennials and sub-culture Idol, it’s been a real apotheosis.

1st Pirelli Calendar

The Pirelli Calendar is the Best Brand Art and Culture of the year. The reasons lie in the fact that even after so many years it is a real litmus test of the dynamics of the society with regard to the globally standards of beauty.
The quality standard was very high this year thanks to the calendar of 2015 conducted by Steven Meisel and that of 2016 conducted by the visionary photographer Annie Liebovitz.
The undeterred decision to keep the Calendar only in limited edition and not purchasable, because you can have it only like a gift by the PirellI Company, make it mythical and the calendar for excellence all around the world.

1st Kendall Jenner

class ’95, when it says born with a caul. It is the first place as Best Brand 2015 Fashion. Polyhedric personality, magnetic eyes, the meat in the right place. In Front of the camera She’s expression at the liquid state. it’s hard to be versatile, so are a few.
She’s one of the most active on social millennials, model and television personality, she is the top influencers of the moment, from head to pedicures, all try to follow her dictates. Only on Instagram has 44 million followers.
From the runways, the magazine covers she is the favorite of stylists and photographers. The last service of interview led her in the Olympus of the top, and has consolidated its Golden Personal Brand, her image has a value of approximately $ 300,000.00 to post. Good genes, good brand, all put to use very well.

1st Fiat 500

The reasons why the Fiat 500 has been chosen as the best brand design are manifold. First thing in Fiat they have created a design that recall the famous and beloved forefather car, but remaining very current. Very important was the ability to create lines replicable and scalable, typical virtues of good ideas, which led to the creation of two other cars very successful: the 500 L and 500 X
Branding for this car was really good, starting with the campaigns done much time ago and also thanks the focus done on the American market which has proved to be receptive to new small cars. From Jennifer Lopez to the Pope, the testimonials and appearances for the Fiat 500 it has been many and of first choice. For her (the 500 is a female) first position!

1st Instagram

Only brand to be nominated for two different categories, here and for Best Brand Art and Culture, this was definitely the year of Instagram. It awakened and increased exponentially the passion for photography throughout the audience all around the world and at the same time changed the rules of the game when it relates to the appeal of social networks, including all the relative sector of the advertising. In fact it is the coolest brand in the technological panorama, which has done the choices of brand identity clearer and authentic. No third-party application that can interact with the social, makes it the most attractive and consciously or unconsciously, the most truthful.

1st Technogym

Very Italian, The Wellness company, earns first place in the Best Brand Wellness for having branded the concept of wellness, The dimension of this brand is the person. The shape is not only physical, from the mind to the body, from home to office to the gym, the spaces and tools are designed to improve the relationship of the person with its dimension of wellness.
True objects of design, last year proposed a line of home products bearing the wellness in the living room as with KINESIS. The elegance needless to say, is full and complex, Italian design to train the body and mind. Together, from brand to the communication, everything is pointing towards the wellness of the user of this elegant technology.

1st Milano

Earns the top spot as the best brand travel in 2015, the capital of fashion. It was the nerve center of the innovations in 2015: fashion, Expo and EMA MTV, has also won the 2016 Champions League final.
It has been completely re-evaluated. It is the first example of a polycentric city in Italy, it could start only from Milan. Duomo, Porta Nuova and soon the area Portello / City Life.
Porta Nuova there, the winning project of the best Skyscrapers of 2015, the Vertical Forest, one of the now many examples in the city of Green mega architectures. We now await the end of the work in City Life where we find projects of illustrious archistars that reflect the city with all their glass, by Isozaki, Zaha Hadid up to Libeskind, it will be a good chat between big.
Brand always strong earning the top spot thanks to the internationalization of the image of one of the best-known cities in the world.

1°Floyd Mayweather

Floyd “Money” Mayweather this year was the athlete and the brand of sport most successful.
Just this year announced his retirement after reaching a record of 49 marches all won, record which resisted since 1955 detained by the only Rocky Marciano.
However, beyond the undisputed sporting merit, Floyd has become a mega-brand, thanks to the wise use of social network, primarily Instagram, but especially for its personality decidedly politically incorrect, exaggerated, like a superstar, rebel against the star-system. Interviews and behaviors in which Floyd is not the least interested in what others think of him, has made of him a personal sports brand unique, because is the contrary of the usual stereotypes of the athlete. In all of this, thanks its ability to attract sponsors and audience, in 2014, Forbes estimated his income at 300 million USD, waiting to know the data for 2015 we can say that the personal brand “Money Mayweather” is making its job.


It’s the Brand of the Year, after one of the biggest waiting campaigns of the last decades. Was related on In the first 10 days of theatrical release, it broke all box office records in fact on December 26. The audience of Star Wars is a very large target, made by addicts & lovers, just in the first week end of projection in many poured into a cinema in fact the film grossed approximately 238 million in the US and Canada.In the first 10 days of projection it broke all box office records, in fact on December 26 passed the a Billion of USD. The Golden Saga has always made dream numbers at the box office, in fact, the previous six films have earned in totally 4 billions of USD. But what does it place at the top of the Best Brand Film 2015 was the media overexposure to which we are accustomed. Always present by the end of 2014, the official merchandise is released long before the film, explaining to us the characters and imagery of the seventh of the nine films. We find it in the first place for the addiction that has never faded from his fans, who every year find themselves together in the days dedicated to the SW Universe. The religion that characterizes the saga is also one of the “NOT” religion most followed in the world, at least the one with the most followers. Real addition.

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