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Best Brand Wellness. Classification.

1st TechnoGym
Very Italian, The Wellness company, earns first place in the Best Brand Wellness for having branded the concept of wellness, The dimension of this brand is the person. The shape is not only physical, from the mind to the body, from home to office to the gym, the spaces and tools are designed to improve the relationship of the person with its dimension of wellness.
True objects of design, last year proposed a line of home products bearing the wellness in the living room as with KINESIS. The elegance needless to say, is full and complex, Italian design to train the body and mind. Together, from brand to the communication, everything is pointing towards the wellness of the user of this elegant technology.

2nd FitBit
It’s a new brand, it was explained to the world through the app band for the wellness. Second place went to the young brand that aims to revolutionize our habits. Shadow that follows you, analyzes your sleep, monitors your heart and all your physical activity. They had done it already the smart watches, sure, but they have democratized the concept, not creating a device, but in fact an app band and connecting this to the now ubiquitous smartphones. The brand itself is just right, congratulations for the great revolutionary beginning!

3rd Hampton Creek
We are in the West Coast, where the concept of Start Up is now an institution.
Hampton Creek earns third place for Best Brand Wellness because it is a company of Food Technology. In effect, looking for vegan alternatives to traditional ingredients like eggs etc… with Just Mayo, Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough are creating an empire animal protein free. From the man to the hen, the welfare for Hampton Creek, Californian company of San Francisco is a matter of principle. Distinguished investors have given fuel to this very profitable ex-start-up now estimated in 1 billion USD.

4th Shiseido. The Spa
The spa of the Japanese brand of cosmetics, great operation of image and marketing that earned him fourth place. The welcome and the atmosphere are those of an ancient Japan which, with all its rituals, is already a big part of the brand of the Japanese giant of cosmetics.
The latest opening is that of the Milanese pearl at the Galleria Hotel, the temple of well-being.
This spin off of the company has increased the appeal of the brand on the market. The new perception is that of a luxury brand that is gaining more ground and climbing the ranking of the brand positioning.

5th Banza
Two brothers, the Rudolph, who start from Restaurant Start Up and arrive to the stars, the fifth position is for them and for their protein chickpea pasta, the first and so far the only one. In addition to an investor who ensures success as Joe Bastianich, the product and the brand are perfect both temporally that from the point of view of quality. High Fiber, High Protein, Gluten Free and less Carbohydrates are the dream “light” of those who can not give up the dough. From the mind to the stomach for now they have conquered the US but soon we will see it most likely worldwide. Improvable the design, but of right effect to detach and not being confused with the classic pasta brands.

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