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Best Brand Technology. Classification

1st Instagram

Only brand to be nominated for two different categories, here and for Best Brand Art and Culture, this was definitely the year of Instagram. It awakened and increased exponentially the passion for photography throughout the audience all around the world and at the same time changed the rules of the game when it relates to the appeal of social networks, including all the relative sector of the advertising. In fact it is the coolest brand in the technological panorama, which has done the choices of brand identity clearer and authentic. No third-party application that can interact with the social, makes it the most attractive and consciously or unconsciously, the most truthful.

2nd Huawei

Yes, the name is not the most famous, but we do not want reward only the volume of sell or the dimension of the company, but we care of the growth rate and what did those of Huawei has been great. Huawei is a Chinese brand that deals with the production and marketing of products for the networking and telecommunications, substantially they make smartphone and similar. Their progress is to give high quality products at a very low price compared to the competition and the important thing is that it is not high-end products only aesthetically, in effect they are always mentioned in the best reviews for the smartphones. The branding was done well, because they did not hide the origin of the product as happens sometimes when we talk about China and they want proudly show the quality achieved. Thing more unique than rare, 100% of the company is in the hands of employees. Huawei is pure and proud style made in China.

3rd Snapchat

Snapchat is truly a global event, everyone wants it because it’s cool to have it, even if they understand it very little. It is the young rampant, snapchat means to be behind the times, and of course everyone would like to be. Actually it has a very good user base, with a very young target. Last year it opened to advertisers and created Snapcash system to make payments. It is a brand yet to be fully formed, but it sure will be among the protagonists of the future. Today we give the third place to be, among the last born, the real unicorn. And then the yellow ghost is already under everyone’s eyes!

4th Apple

Apple only fourth? Are you crazy? Well, no, come on, Apple is still the coolest brand of technology that there is, but compared to the three above there has been less growth. Certainly that grow exponentially as it did in the past decade, every year, it would be impossible, but this year the presentation of new products have not been exciting as in previous years. The fact remains that it is the grandest brand of technology ever existed, for innovation, product quality, consistency with themselves and balance between brand positioning and commercial availability.

5th Tinder

Oh yes… Tinder deserves a place among the best brands of this year. This is because Tinder has revolutionized the standard way to do meetings using the network. Let’s start from the fact that is not one of those lugubrious dating sites with an aesthetic to shudder.
Indeed Tinder is not a site, but an app that also has a website and that in itself makes it much more contemporary and less loser. Second thing, is not created to make meet two people who live one light years from the other one, but it serves to promote sociability between people who are close at a given time using GPS technology.
Third thing, is to facilitate meetings and not sex after exchange each other of the personal photos as it happens on the sites described above.
Tinder has a brand identity delicate, dictated by pastel colors, it use images of people that do not seem to come from a mental hospital and above all are dressed! Like normal people! Tinder was the revolution and the brand more on the rise in the area of the now-tested online dating.

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