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Best Brand Sport. Classification

1°Floyd Mayweather

Floyd “Money” Mayweather this year was the athlete and the brand of sport most successful.
Just this year announced his retirement after reaching a record of 49 marches all won, record which resisted since 1955 detained by the only Rocky Marciano.
However, beyond the undisputed sporting merit, Floyd has become a mega-brand, thanks to the wise use of social network, primarily Instagram, but especially for its personality decidedly politically incorrect, exaggerated, like a superstar, rebel against the star-system. Interviews and behaviors in which Floyd is not the least interested in what others think of him, has made of him a personal sports brand unique, because is the contrary of the usual stereotypes of the athlete. In all of this, thanks its ability to attract sponsors and audience, in 2014, Forbes estimated his income at 300 million USD, waiting to know the data for 2015 we can say that the personal brand “Money Mayweather” is making its job.

2° Ferrari

The Scuderia Ferrari, the most prestigious automaker in the world, founded by a man, Enzo Ferrari, who is now a myth not only for car enthusiasts, today is also among the biggest brands in the world. Ranked in 2014 as the strongest brand in the world, this year has done great things, thanks to the continuous output of successful models and listing on the stock market on Wall Street, which has shown how strong the brand, gaining more than 980 million USD in revenues.
Every word seems superfluous to describe this myth, which each year is among the best brands in the world, a symbol of luxury and sportiness on four wheels, able to expand even on watches, clothing, golf clubs and one of the best theme parks in the world, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Symbol from always, remains the reference point for anyone who wants to do branding even in the future.

3° Jordan

Jordan, the number 23 most famous story, the brand of the greatest basketball player of all time is not only still active despite the man that inspired it, this Michael Jordan, no longer plays from ten years, but this was even a year record. In 2014 Michael received about 90 million USD from royalties, a figure that will be surely equalized or even improved in 2015, year in which they celebrated 30 years since the launch of the Jordan brand owned by Nike.
The Jordan shoes are a must for fans of sneakers, limited editions do not have time to get out that end up within an hour, the wait of the new releases is always maximum and in its thirtieth year of life, it has become an established brand in the world of sports, unique because the only one related to a sports personality to be so popular and long-lived. But perhaps, define Michael Jordan only “an athlete” is wrong, he is the legend, the man who could fly, “Air Jordan” and like all legends, his name continues to travel in the history, in this case, printed on the shoes of millions of people.


Brand of Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid striker and captain of the Portuguese national football team, is the player able to overtake David Beckham in the ranking of the players most admired and followed. Cristiano Ronaldo in numbers, has almost 110 million followers on Facebook, 42 on Instagram and 39 on Twitter, in 2014 was the second highest-paid sportsman in the world after Floyd Mayweather, with an amount that is about 80 million USD.
Always very active in the field of beauty, advertises and prints its name on cosmetic products and clothing. Surely the most glamorous among sportsmen, his love life contributes greatly to create appeal also to the brand. Fourth place for CR7 on becoming the symbol of the footballer superstar of the ’10s.


Fifth place for the brand of sport that has made this year one of the greatest leaps in terms of visibility. The UFC, unknown until a few years ago is now the sport that everyone looks with surprise and with which began to take steps with its rules, how they assign the ranking and especially with what channels you can see the fighting. He deserves to be in the Top Five for creating formidable waiting campaigns on matches, with a great use of social networks and promotional videos, focusing a lot on creating real events also on the conferences with athletes and appointments with the scales before meetings. Very good at branding even the athletes themselves, which have become symbols of athletic power and each with its own unique style, making the UFC one of the sports with more diversity among its athletes and surely one of the least boring. The meetings Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey and Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor were among the shows better branded and communicated of the year.

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