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1st Miley Cyrus
Sagittarius, the first decade, class ’92. A true Millennials. She is the strongest personal brand of the year, her re-branding which has lasted by some years, in 2015 he finally began to take shape as a brand. Has regained importance, returning to the center of his of her image, her voice one of the most enveloping the music market has seen in recent years. She has made us accustomed to an avalanche of excess to each preliminary to the next, giving a meaning to everything. She is the Millennials for excellence, creativity that borders on the excess, a desire and an innate ability to break the rules, is a personal brand, but internationally, that represents a generation.
The fake thoughtlessness of a generation, that unlike predecessors does not ask questions, but applies the answers. Her voice is almost unexpected in her concerts, are pink punk flavored, rich in references to cultures and sub-cultures that her generation is proud to present. From sea-punk to the after party atmosphere full of sugar, gave us even experimental albums, like Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz. Album full of psychedelic pop produced by Smiley Miley, her record label.
Sugary pop, which has a strong connotation Bit. the pixel is grainy and the communication is made by acronyms and emoji.
In 2015 to be a Millennial pay.
First place on our list, because the re-branding from sweet girl with Texan Boots to Millennials and sub-culture Idol, it’s been a real apotheosis.

2nd Kanye West
Not really a millennials, in fact he sees the light pre ’80’s, but the desire to experiment is one that never goes out. 2015 has seen him immersed in so many projects, even in fashion. The music has seen him particularly busy with the release of an album, the most symbolic of his career, SWISH. Year enriched by collaborations of great thickness, has for a while ‘left by the tribal sounds to sing a quieter life, with more feeling.
Very much appreciated the collaborations with Rihanna, which expect the ANTI tour and Paul, the McCartney still amazes us. The brand of yeezus is polyhedral, rich in detail and does not stop at music. In all of this he has become a father for the second time. In fashion we saw him win with the second line of collaboration with Adidas.
Deserved second place for the best brand extension with Yeezy, in addition to its field of origin.

3rd Lady Gaga
Unexpected voice, and not understood by many born pre ’80’s. Singer-songwriter, actress and activist, New Yorker down to the bone. The last studio album it’s Art Pop of 2013. In 2014 she collaborate with one of the most American amazing voices, Tony Bennet, giving us the old NYC with the album Cheek to Cheek, beautiful jump in the golden days of the Big Apple. This year she starred in one of television institutions, American Horror Story Hotel.
The image is that of a transgressive millennials who grew up in the shadow of skyscrapers and all the pop art that contained a ’90s NYC.
Photographed, directed and dressed by the best, she is one of the most-watched influencer in the world, a brand that takes its name from a Queen song.He has made diversity her point of strength, both musically and in terms of image. She dressed meat, to protest at the VMAs in 2010 or in red latex by Queen Elizabeth, it has become the voice of the individual.
From Latex to the Donatella Versace’s Seapunk, from 30’s style, to the Brunette Curly Queen style with Tony Bennet. She can afford the change because it’s the favorite way to communicate of her generation.
Third Place because this year through her personal brand, she has managed to institutionalize the excess.

4th Adele
Class ’88, young golden uvula, in the second half of the year, broke all sales record with latest single Hello.
Force of nature, with overwhelming sympathy, She is a British thoroughbred, Londoner, precisely Tottenham, in North London.
19-21-25 are her album, chronicle of the life of the singer. She has already won an Oscar, and dozens of other awards, but 2015 has confirmed that the idol of the crowds, and great protagonist of all social media, in fact, everyone, absolutely everyone wanted a piece of her, not only by downloading her song, but doing covers and video remake of Hello, even Miss Piggy, the blonde all pepper of the Muppets could not resist.
She never in disorder or almost always perfect hair by good English lady. She have a brand that is her Face and Voice. Fourth place for the style unmistakable, always true to itself, by the heel lightly backcombing. A great package.

5th Justin Bieber
What do you mean? It’s official 2015 is with Bieber fever higher than ever before, more “mature” and less rowdy, but higher than ever.
He who has accustomed as others on the list to the concept of everything is possible, this year has given us hit in collaboration with major producers, from Diplo to Skrillex.Exported and grown fever across the ocean where he was not loved as in the new continent. Ok the collaborations with Skrillex, one of the most influential DJs on the market, will help the re-branding of America Boyfriend to become sex symbol, also helped by an, sometimes hot campaign for Calvin Klein that saw him star with super model Lara Stone.
Fifth place for him, is not the strongest re-branding of the year, but Bieber only 21 years seems to already something timeless.

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