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Best Brand Design Classification

1st Fiat 500

The reasons why the Fiat 500 has been chosen as the best brand design are manifold. First thing in Fiat they have created a design that recall the famous and beloved forefather car, but remaining very current. Very important was the ability to create lines replicable and scalable, typical virtues of good ideas, which led to the creation of two other cars very successful: the 500 L and 500 X
Branding for this car was really good, starting with the campaigns done much time ago and also thanks the focus done on the American market which has proved to be receptive to new small cars. From Jennifer Lopez to the Pope, the testimonials and appearances for the Fiat 500 it has been many and of first choice. For her (the 500 is a female) first position!

2nd Art Miami Design District

Second place by a hair, because for the design district of Miami we should almost make a separate category. In fact, it’s really, really innovative. The design district is a district that acts like a company, a company that is in the middle between of a shopping center and a cultural center, with a brand identity that smash anything!
The neighborhood is a succession of restaurants, shops and art galleries. Always eventful, makes its boom with the Design Week, now one of the most watched in the world.
The fact that it was a poor neighborhood and largely to be rebuild meant that the architecture of the shops could be almost entirely free from a regulatory plan and the result is the Disneyland of the brands.
But as mentioned, the distinction is that the district acts as a subject of the market, is promoting, has a site full of all necessary info including a blog dedicated and brand identity is designed to perfection. Second position, but perfect idea and realization!

3rd Seletti

The third place for Seletti has been chosen for reasons related closely to the choices of design. The merit of having created through collaboration with many young designers, product collections to play down the design without falling into flashy. A pleasant mood, funny, which has the merit to bring more people to the author’s design compared to that of people already interested in the design. Much appreciated the operations of co-branding with Diesel and Paul Smith and the innovative brand identity, which stands on a hill made of pop art, dada art, graphic design and the ability of the big names to not take itself always too seriously as it happens often in the industry. From this emerges a brand that it is more connected with the younger generation and for any brand the contact with the Millennials it is critical. So, great job!

4th Bisazza
Third Italian brand in five in the standings, but this is design and you know, the field is Italian by definition. However, the place in the table is for the ability to make a contemporary brand linked to the mosaic which in itself only remember the glories of old. In fact, the new collections for the ceramics and the modern design of their mosaics had already maintained the brand in vogue, but the shot launched in recent years is what was not expected, the bathroom furniture, where they created so beautiful collections that would envy at those who produce bathrooms from always.
The ability to use a brand extension to make an upgrade of its brand identity was awesome especially for the manufacture of new products that have maintained the high quality of the brand intact. Fourth position for them!

5th, for friends AD Usa, deserves his place in the ranking of the best brand for design because it was the magazine that has decided to move from the publishing industry that deals with the design from the technical point of view and decided to propose a ‘idea of ​​design as part of the dream of life, like is in the fashion industry, but expressed differently, because however much more related to reality, nay it’s the dream realities that creates its own brand identity.
Frees the design from the dictates of the geometries to go to the dictates of emotions, not concerned about the opinions of the industry insiders, because they make the industry. In fact, we noticed that their way of publishing design was the most taken from newspapers that have decided to propose their own design magazine, resulting almost copies of AD.
As always, the future belongs to those who do. Fifth position deserved for the design magazine less bigoted there is!

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