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Best Brand Cinema 2015. Classification

It’s the Brand of the Year, after one of the biggest waiting campaigns of the last decades. Was related on In the first 10 days of theatrical release, it broke all box office records in fact on December 26. The audience of Star Wars is a very large target, made by addicts & lovers, just in the first week end of projection in many poured into a cinema in fact the film grossed approximately 238 million in the US and Canada.In the first 10 days of projection it broke all box office records, in fact on December 26 passed the a Billion of USD. The Golden Saga has always made dream numbers at the box office, in fact, the previous six films have earned in totally 4 billions of USD. But what does it place at the top of the Best Brand Film 2015 was the media overexposure to which we are accustomed. Always present by the end of 2014, the official merchandise is released long before the film, explaining to us the characters and imagery of the seventh of the nine films. We find it in the first place for the addiction that has never faded from his fans, who every year find themselves together in the days dedicated to the SW Universe. The religion that characterizes the saga is also one of the “NOT” religion most followed in the world, at least the one with the most followers. Real addition.

2) 50 Sfumature di Grigio
It is the proclamation of the soft core, the spicy feeling that never leaves you all day. Taking second place for Best Brand Cinema 2015, the hottest trilogy of recent years. Among ropes, handcuffs, masks and whips a second life never exhibited in public, in contrast is overwhelming in a private that is pushed to the limit, but well hidden behind very dark wooden walls and velvet curtains. Born from the homonymous literary trilogy of success, icon as ninphomeniac, he expressed a trend that came to the surface in fashion and design, gaining the position thanks to the choice of actors, photography and production design that helped to fix this excellent film, which began with a pounding communication, exciting the market from the exit of the books.

3) Fast and Furious
This also reached the seventh film in the series, film with which we all have celebrated the life of the protagonist Brian O’Connor, Paul Walker in life, which failed, because, ironically, in a car accident. The film is dedicated to him, and it is one of the nicest and most communicated of the saga, it is the third highest-grossing film in history, the film produced by Universal infect grossed 1,000,554,080 dollars world wide in just the first 17 days programming. For earnings, communication and actors earn third place in the top 5 of the Best Brand Cinema 2015.

4) Marvel
Production house, cinema and graphic novels. It has a huge following and is an assurance to every theatrical release and not, which is why he earns the 4th place of the Best Brand Cinema 2015. This year brought the release of one of the mini super- heroes most particular Ant – man. Before in April they were delighted with the release of the 4th films more fruitful in the history Avengers, Age of Ultron, ingeniously three years after its announcement, dumping nearly 12 months before the official merchandising. With 1.4 billion of box office receipts. In August of this year the Marvel Studio have been integrated in the Walt Disney Studios after purchasing in the December of 2009 for 4 billion $. Conquer 4th place to be developed, including films and TV series such as Marvel agent of shilds and Jessica Stone, a multinational industry that has created brand extension in collaboration with major players in the market of entertainment.

5)Mad Max, Fury Road
About thirty years of the last film in the series, the one that launched Mel Gibson, the director and writer George Miller has proposed a new movie, fury road not a remake or a reboot but a review of the original saga. The film describes a now classic dystopian future in the absence of water, and the protagonists, Max Rockatansky starring Tom Hardy and Furious aka Charlze Theron, have to face the evil king, the father of her, to liberate the entire population. The proceeds are optimal for a remake, 300 million USD.The brand remains that dirty of grease and sand, and that is what earns him the fifth place of Best Brand 2015 Cinema.It is perfect in the imaginary of a decade that launched the concept “dystopian future” as the 80’s – 90’s, but in this case in ultra HD. Fury Road is a strong reminder of the decade with a technology far more advanced.

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