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Best Brand Art and Culture. Classification.

1st Pirelli Calendar

The Pirelli Calendar is the Best Brand Art and Culture of the year. The reasons lie in the fact that even after so many years it is a real litmus test of the dynamics of the society with regard to the globally standards of beauty.
The quality standard was very high this year thanks to the calendar of 2015 conducted by Steven Meisel and that of 2016 conducted by the visionary photographer Annie Liebovitz.
The undeterred decision to keep the Calendar only in limited edition and not purchasable, because you can have it only like a gift by the PirellI Company, make it mythical and the calendar for excellence all around the world.

2nd Banksy

Second place for the artist that in the all contemporary art market was truly able to open a new filon universally recognized. His art is defined “guerrilla art”, the stencil is the preferred medium, but what matters most is the intelligence and poetry with which is able to questioning the hot topics with which the society is facing. Despite being known from many years now, this year at the level of the brand was the pinnacle, thanks to the “theme park” Dismaland, a true celebration of his genius, and htanks to his last work: Steve Jobs stenciled on a wall of the refugees field in Calais in France. In fact, the founder of the most profitable company in the world is himself the son of a Syrian refugee. Chapeau to the genius.

3rd Burningman

The eight-day festival that takes place in September in the Black Rock Desert earns third place for total innovation in the world of branding. This festival is pure poetry and its reputation over the past two years has increased exponentially. Also many celebrities decided to participate in this wonderful experience. A city that exists only for eight days, where there is only the gift and barter as a form of trade and where everyone can organize events, exhibitions and concerts. The value for which it was born the Burning Man is the radical and confident expression of the self, then that is the true foundation of contemporary society. It is sure that the brand has become of true value just watching the fact that from the 2013 the cost of the ticket has become of 380 USD and despite this the authorities have to check that there are more than 68,000 participants who is the current maximum number that is It was allowed.
Third place for the novelty in the branding field.

4th Instagram

Instagram is the social network of the year. We were all wondering what would be the “new world” of social networks? Pinterest? Snapchat? Or just Instagram? Instagram has been the social network with the fastest growing of users this year and the reason for this result is also what makes it the coolest brand among the social networks: it can not be managed by third-party applications. This gives it a characteristic of truth that others can not have.
So everyone took to become great Instagramers, especially the companies and it is born a market of sponsorship that is not managed by the social network company, but is a thing among the users themselves which has actually opened new frontiers of marketing. We do not know if this was wanted (and for this reason is just fourth) but Instagram brand is now the most glittering on the stage of the social networks and very importantly, it has awakened in all of us the passion for photography.

5th Kat Von D

In the top five of this year’s Art & Culture could not miss the tattoo. In fact, the tattoo is perhaps now the most common form of art in the world with the largest number of works. Many brands of famous tattoo artists are emerging, expanding their ability to brand with their style new surfaces, starting from clothing to digital graphics, through painting. But so far no one has yet so much following as the beloved Mexican naturalized US Kat Von D, which as well as having behind the famous television series LA Ink is the only one who got a full line of beauty cosmetics with the famous retailer Sephora.
That Kat Von D is a brand of great success is demonstrated by the fact that the Google page ranking puts on first place her site of beauty cosmetics than the explanation of Wikipedia and remember, Google is never wrong.

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