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Best Brand Architecture

1st Zaha Hadid

There are architects who think to every project differently depending on the need, a little ‘how does Renzo Piano, then there are architects, such as Tadao Ando, ​​Santiago Calatrava and for sure Zaha Hadid for which there’s no way they can make a structure that aesthetically not is recognizable of their own authentic style.
Zaha Hadid, British born in Baghdad, the first woman to receive the Pritzker Prize (2004), also won two Stirling awards is now the strongest brand of an archistar. Her style is recognized at a glance, the curves of his buildings, their delicate grandeur and the ability to multiply the prospects make her the architect who more than anyone else has managed to give material to the futurism that we saw only in digital projections. In addition to architecture, also her personal brand is essential to have the first position. Born Iraqi , naturalized British, eminent professor in important universities, backed by collaborations with masters of modern architecture, inserted in 2010 by TIME’s among the 100 most influential people in the world is our symbol of the woman in the age of globalization.

2nd Rem Koolhaas

Second place for who was a master and person close to our number one here above Zaha Hadid. Rem Koolhaas is considerable indeed one of the greatest master architects that our times have seen.
Creator of architectures unmatched, as Casa da Música or the Seattle Central Library, Pritzker Prize in 2000 is also one of the most influential theorists of contemporary architecture, author of books become best sellers is the only one able to stay in perfect balance between the snob soul of the busy architect and the commercial soul that our times demand. Second place goes to him this year especially for the continuous collaboration with Prada, another brand that as he lives in perfect balance between snobbery radical-chic and the trade, for the realization of the Prada Foundation and also thanks at the project realized of the GARAGE in Gorky Park Moscow.
A prize apart should be given for the website and the studio that did not bear his name. His brand identity is so pleasantly understated-underground-upperclass-radicalchic that only a master like him could create a brand identity like this.

3rd Stefano Boeri Architects
Third position goes to the milanese studio founded and directed by the architect, urban planner and politician Stefano Boeri.
Name was not well known to the mass public until a few years ago, reaches our third position to be the studio that designed the skyscraper “Vertical Forest” which won the award for Best Architecture in the world in 2015 awarded by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat and sponsored by the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, beating competitors such as the One World Trade Center in New York.
The skyscraper with the facade living being, thanks to its plants, has become a bit ‘the symbol of the studio of which is rumored in project in other similar works around the world. Green and sustainable are the hot topics of today’s architecture and the Boeri Studio has well interpreted the trend giving a strong boost to the awareness of its brand.

4th Herzog & De Meuron
Studio founded in Basel in 1978 by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, Pritzker Prize in 2001 and Stirling in 2003 is a brand in style upperclass-understatement so in vogue in the architecture industry, always at the top of the demand for large works from many years, take the our fourth position to be consistently a brand of reference in contemporary architecture. They too enjoy from the important collaboration with Prada for their Epicenter at level of brand awareness among the general public. As regard instead the insiders, H&D are always a must, a symbol of those architects, that on the contrary of our winner of this year, go to create always something else entirely different for each of their project. Among the most recognized definitely the Library of the University of Cottbus, the Vitra Haus, the Prada store in Tokyo and in recent years have shown particular ability with the architectures for the sport, creating two of the most beautiful stadiums in the world: the Allianz Arena of Bayern Monaco and the National Stadium in Beijing.
Wonderful thing for their brand identity is the website, the opposite example of all the theories on the user interface, an experience “difficult” that drives the internet user, always pampered, to make the effort necessary to discover “the gold of the kings”. Waiting for the end of the project Feltrinelli di Porta Volta in Milan, we redo our compliments to the studio symbol of the architectural studios.

5th Studio Libeskind
The founder, Daniel Libeskind, has his childhood in Poland, the adolescence in Israel, the maturation in New York and finally see get his celebration globally recognized as one of the greatest exponents of architectural Deconstructionism. Clean and direct, it is one of the easier branding identity to read even for those not directly interested in architecture. The brand lives in the middle between the soul of the brand without snobbery of the studio and the contagious sympathy of its founder.
Even its architecture is a good balance between being faithful to a specific architectural idea and be malleable to the needs of the project. In fact in opposition with his other great colleague deconstructivist Frank Gehry, the works of Libeskind are not all similar to each other and from the point of view of branding it loses something about its recognizability, but gains in depth of interest. Are very appreciated also its pieces of design that help to broaden the range of expression of the brand. It is today one of the architect’s studio most popular on the world scene and the voice of Daniel Libeskind ranks among the most listened to.

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